Doggie Delights - Presents for your favourite Pooch!

Doggie Delights - Presents for your favourite Pooch!

Here at Purely Pets Insurance we’ve been looking at great presents to give our four-legged other half – and these are some of our current favourites! 

Stripe Hoodie

Give your pooch serious street cred this winter by gifting him or her this trendy hoodie from UK online retailer bob+BEAR. Peach-coloured with blue stripes and made by doggie outfitters HUTS & BAY this cute jacket is light-weight and 100 per cent cotton, meaning your furry friend will feel comfortable wearing it and it’ll keep looking good for several Christmases. For small dogs only (XXL size fits a French bulldog). Priced £38.

Dog grooming set

Its pooch pamper time with this lovely natural and hypoallergenic dog shampoo and perfume from online retailer Lead the Walk. Available in a range of scents all will have both you and your dog smelling gorgeous at the end of that bath. Our favourite is peppermint, which is also a natural antiseptic and flea repellent so will keep your pet’s fur clean and healthy. It’s developed by a severe eczema sufferer and dog lover who couldn’t use other chemical-laden shampoos and scents on the market. Tested on humans of course. Priced £12.95 for 200 litres of dog shampoo so good to give as a gift to a doggie pal too.

Bow-wow tie

Every upmarket canine will be hoping to be seen in one of these smart teal coloured bow ties with flecks of emerald this winter. Produced in high-quality natural wool Harris Tweed by ThomasGreyOnline at Etsy, the bow tie is hand-made to order and available in a range of different designs. It slips on to your dog’s collar using the elastic loops on its reverse side. Any dirt can simply be brushed off when dry meaning your dog will stay smart all day. Simply spiffng! Priced £23.

Liberty print dog collar

And now a little something for the female canines amongst us... what sophisticated lady dog isn’t going to love this Liberty-print collar? We’d wear it - and we’re human! Handmade and machine stitched from JosDogBoutique on Etsy it’s so bespoke, your dog definitely won’t be embarrassed by another pooch in the park turning up with the same collar. Adjustable and with a safety quick release buckle so you won’t have to worry about any snagging against tree branches in the park. Priced from £15.80.

Bad-ass Bandana

Not so much badass as cute, this Nordic reindeer design bandana will bring Christmas cheer to all who meet you and your doggie friend out walking. Made from from 100 per cent cotton and available via  PetPoochBoutique on Etsy, it’s a definite “YES” from us. To get the correct size simply wrap a tape measure around your dogs neck then stick two of your fingers between his or her neck and the tape. Priced £3.99.

LED Safety Light

Getting serious here for a minute or two… every pooch needs to be seen in the dark. Black and other dark coloured dogs in particular are susceptible at this time of year and that’s why we love these dazzling and cool LED lights from Swiss company curli. They’re ultra-light, guaranteed to flash for around 120 hours, and are protected by silicone (which also makes them splashproof). Better still, the batteries are replaceable. Priced £16.

Luxury bath robe

And finally, we couldn’t resist featuring this bath (or spa) robe from pet supplier to the stars MOSHIQA. For those who don’t want their furry friend to get a chill after bathing, give them the Juliet robe this Christmas. featuring a decorative rosebud trim on the hood and sleeves, it sure beats the ragged old towel we use. But then, we don’t live in LA…Priced $49.