Purely Pets Popular Puppies Top Trumps On Sale NOW!

Purely Pets Popular Puppies Top Trumps On Sale NOW!

Top Trumps

We proudly introduce… Purely Pets’ Popular Puppies special edition Top Trumps!

This fun and interactive card game is suitable for all the family…well almost all of the family! And now you could become the proud owner of your very own pack for just £5.99 including delivery.

In this special edition pack, you can find out which dog breeds were the most popular in 2019 according to Purely Pets customer data and compete against friends and family to become Top Trump Puppy extraordinaire.

All that's left to say is... who's going to play the winning paw in your family??

How to Play:

  • Shuffle and deal the 30 puppy cards face down
  • Hold your cards face up so you can see the top card only
  • The player to the dealer’s left starts
  • Read out a stat from the top card (e.g. Adult Weight 11). The other players then read out the same stat.
  • If you have the highest value, you win that round. Take all the top cards, including your own, and put them at the bottom of your deck.
  • It’s your turn to choose a stat from the next card.
  • If two or more cards share the highest value, then all the cards are placed in the middle of the table and you read out the same stat from your next card. The winner of this round takes the cards in the middle of the table as well.
  • The person with all the cards at the end wins the game!

Pets Pyjamas

WIN a PetsPyjamas voucher worth £400 when you purchase a Purely Pets Popular Puppies Top Trumps pack!*

Purchase a Purely Pets Popular Puppies Top Trumps pack and if you find 1 of the 5 Gold Cards randomly placed in these packs, you could win this great prize!

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