A woman and her dog sitting alone on a jetty looking out to sea

6 of the best dog breeds for single people


Whether you’re in need of some home security, or someone to greet you whenever you walk through the door, there’s a dog that’s just right for you. While we’d argue that pretty much any dog would make a great addition to single life, here are six breeds we think are worth a closer look!

A dog and a kitten meeting nose to nose in a kitchen

Skin cancer in cats and dogs - what you need to know


In this article, we’ll cover the causes of skin cancer in both cats and dogs so you can guard against your cherished pooch or feline from developing the disease. We’ll also highlight some of the main symptoms to look out for and how it is diagnosed by a vet.

A three legged cat laying down showing its scar

How to care for a three-legged cat


Whether you’re looking to provide a forever home for an already three-legged cat or your puss has just lost a limb, there’s no reason to be worried. Follow our guide to tripawd care and you’ll be certain to have a happy and long life together.