5 perfect pet gadgets you can’t live without

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Our pets are part of the family – we love them, feed them, play with them, and enjoy different experiences with them every day. Which is why we like to indulge them with little gifts from time to time!

If you’re the type of pet owner who loves pampering their furry friends, you’re not alone. According to research, the global market for pet care products was valued at more than £166.6 billion in 2020. That figure is predicted to increase to £259.9 billion by 2027.

That’s big business and there are all sorts of pet gadgets available. We’re not talking novelty pet toys here. We’re talking well thought-out items that make caring for your pet easier, more convenient and safer.

The perfect pet gadgets help your pet stay healthy, get more exercise, eat well, learn good behaviour, and get more from their training – here are our top 5…

1. Pet tracker

Cats love to roam free and it can be hard keeping track of your dog when they’re off the lead. Pet trackers use GPS to track the whereabouts of your furry friend – all you need to do is attach the small device to their collar and download the app.

Most models allow you to set a ‘safe space’ area and will alert you if your pet strays out of that zone. Regularly updating you on your pet’s location, and depending on the model you buy, it will also display a heatmap of where your pet spends most of their time (the perpetual cat-owner question), and can monitor activity, calories burned and amount of time spent snoozing.

Having pet insurance helps protect your pet in difficult situations, having a pet tracker means you can also keep tabs on them, too.

Try: Tractive GPS Trackers or Weenect GPS Trackers

2. Pet camera

What’s your pet up to right now? If you’re at home with them, that’s an easy question to answer. But if you’re out and they’re in, a pet camera can help you keep an eye on goings on – and let you see their cute little faces whenever you want.

Working on a similar basis to home security cameras, pet cameras come with added pet-friendly extras, such as treat dispensers and two-way audio. That means not only can you tell your dog to stop biting the sofa cushions, you can reward them when they pay heed.

You can also be alerted if they’re barking and stay more connected to them. Many pet cameras allow you to share footage of Sooty and Spot with friends and family so no one misses out on seeing their antics.

Try: Furbo Dog Camera or Pawbo Interactive Pet Camera

3. Ball launcher

Dogs have a seemingly insatiable appetite for games of fetch. You, as their owner and chief ball-thrower, might not always have the same level of enthusiasm. Which is why you and your pooch need a ball launcher (either automatic or manual) in your lives.

Features on automatic ball launchers can include distance and angle settings, sensors to avoid balls being launched directly at people, and alerts to let your pooch know when the next ball is about to be released.

If you’re looking for a cheaper version, a manual launcher (essentially a ball bazooka) will let you fire marvellously long distances. A ball launcher is one gadget that just keeps giving – or rather launching. You’ll wonder how you (and your shoulder muscles) ever got by without it.

 Remember if playtime gets a little too boisterous, it can end in injury. Pet insurance can help cover the costs of treatment.

Try: PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher or Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

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4. Portable dog cleaner

If there’s one thing dogs love, it’s getting really muddy on a walk. Stagnant pond? They’re straight in. Muddy puddle? Oh yes. But while that’s a whole heap of fun at the time, it also means a whole heap of mud in the boot of your car or your home. The answer is simple: a portable dog cleaner.

This isn’t the most hi-tech of gadgets on the list, but it’s a really great idea. Easy to transport around and simple to use, you can even fill them up with warm water to make shower time even more appealing. And why stop with the dog? You can wash mud from boots, bikes and pushchairs. You get the idea.

Try: Mud Daddy Portable Washing Device or Hozelock PortaShower

5. Smart feeder

A pet smart feeder is just that: smart. It can assess the dietary requirements of your pet and create a bespoke feeding program for them. Features include everything from automatically feeding multiple pets to letting you watch video footage of your pet while you’re not at home.

A smart feeder will also let you know when your pet has been fed, when it’s time to buy more pet food, and allow you to adjust feeding schedules from your mobile device.

Try: PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Automatic Feeder or PetNet SmartFeeder

But don’t forget to make sure your pet has the right cover

Gadgets are a great way of keeping your pet fit, healthy and well trained, but they can only go so far. Pet insurance is a sure way to give your beloved pet the cover it needs to stay in tip-top condition.

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