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A woman reading a book on her sofa with a cat on her lap

Top tips for living with a blind cat

7th July, 2020

So you’re thinking of adopting a blind cat? Or has your own beloved pet recently lost its sight? Cats are adaptable creatures with acute senses hearing, smell and taste. Blindness is no barrier for your feline – if you’re prepared to make a few adaptations to your own lifestyle....

A small dog running round a training course

Which dog breeds are most trainable?

6th July, 2020

Some dog breeds are easier to train than others. Which breeds will give you an easy ride, and which are for those who enjoy a challenge? Whatever breed you choose, make sure you take out quality pet insurance....

A dog sitting nicely at a puppy training session

What happens at puppy training classes?

2nd July, 2020

Far too many dogs are abandoned each year because they haven’t been taught how to behave as puppies. Make sure your dog has the best start in life by taking him or her to puppy training classes and protect your pooch with dog insurance....

A dogs face up close with its nose in focus

Why does my dog smell so bad?

2nd July, 2020

So what should you do when your furry friend’s fragrance is less than sweet? Have a quick nose of our guide to pongy pups to find out more....

What is Gastric Upset?

What is Gastric Upset?

22nd June, 2020

Tummy troubles in pets are one of the most common reasons owners contact a vet. The clinical signs of a gastric upset are vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, inappetence and lethargy. These symptoms can be present for a variety of reasons...

Dog looking at BBQ food

BBQ Tips for pets

19th June, 2020

With the summer months nearly upon us our team of Registered Vet Nurses from the Purely Pets Vet Helpline offer these top tips for BBQ season....

A fluffy ginger kitten wrapped in a towel

Should you give your cat a bath?

17th June, 2020

Bathing a cat is unlikely to be a fun or easy job, but it’s sometimes an essential part of caring for your kitty, along with choosing the right pet insurance. Read on for our quick how-to guide....

A dog looking back in a long grassed field at sunset

How to find a lost dog

17th June, 2020

Every dog owner has the occasional heart-in-mouth moment when they can’t find their beloved pup. Usually, this is only a momentary panic and your dog will return straight away – but what should you do if it doesn’t come back?...

A dog laying on a wooden decking looking sad

What is dysplasia in dogs?

16th June, 2020

If your puppy is limping, stiff or seems less than its usual bouncy self, you’d be right to be concerned. These worrying signs might indicate a problem – and it could be hip or elbow dysplasia, in which a pup’s joints develop with abnormalities, leading to stiffness and pain....