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Changes to Manage My Policy Online Portal

Changes to Manage My Policy Online Portal

20th September, 2021

We’re excited to let you know about some changes we’ve made to ‘Manage My Policy’. These updates will allow you to make and track claims online removing the need for paper claims forms and giving you access to upload all supporting claims documentation. This should help in speeding up the claims settlement process allowing us to pay out your claim quicker than before....

Cat Petting

Let your cat choose when to be petted

14th September, 2021

Cats are more loving when people are in tune with their needs, researchers have shown. Cats have a reputation for being stand-offish and perhaps not as friendly as dogs. While this is unfair, most cats do tend to appreciate interacting with humans on their own terms....

A dog hiding under a blanket with fireworks going off behind

Autumn risks for dogs

14th September, 2021

Autumn is a great time of year for long walks with your beloved pooch. But with the change of seasons comes a number of doggy dangers. Here are some of the most common risks for dogs in autumn....

Cute dog

Healthy treats for dogs

13th September, 2021

We all like to treat our four-legged friends from time to time – perhaps as a way of rewarding good behaviour, during a training session or just as an expression of our love for them....

Dog theft

New law aims to crack down on pet theft

8th September, 2021

A new criminal offence for pet abduction is set to be introduced by the UK government. Pet theft is currently dealt with as loss of property under the Theft Act 1968, with a maximum sentence of seven years....

Puppy and Rabbit

Can dogs and rabbits live together?

6th September, 2021

Everyone needs a friend – whether human or animal. And just like humans, different animals have different requirements when it comes to companionship. Take the relationship between dogs and rabbits as an example....


Vets welcome plan to crack down on illegal puppy imports

31st August, 2021

The UK government has set out plans to safeguard the welfare of imported puppies and dogs. New measures will raise the minimum age for importing a puppy from 15 weeks to six months; ban the import of dogs with cropped ears and docked tails; and prohibit the import of heavily pregnant dogs to help protect puppy and mother welfare....

Cat eating meal

Cats prefer to get free meals, study shows

24th August, 2021

Cats may be expert hunters, but when given the choice between a free meal and performing a task for a meal, most cats prefer the food that doesn’t require much effort....

Young Cat Breed

Best small cat breeds that look like kittens forever

18th August, 2021

What’s better than a cat that’s super cute? Yes, you’re right, one that’s super cute AND super tiny! As if choosing the right cat for you and your family wasn’t hard enough, we’ve just made it so much harder....