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A cat with long whiskers sitting outside

17 fascinating facts about your cat’s whiskers

3rd June, 2021

To explain why your cat’s whiskers really are, well, the cat’s whiskers, we’ve put together a list of 17 fascinating facts about them. So read on to find out more....

Relaxed dog on the bed

Using mindfulness to de-stress with your pet

26th May, 2021

Spending time with our pets is good for us and them — and has been particularly important over the last year. In fact, a study after the first lockdown in 2020 showed that sharing a home with a pet appeared to act as a buffer against psychological stress....

A pregnant cat laying on-top of a table

How to help a cat give birth

25th May, 2021

While cats often give birth without any help from us, it’s still important to know all you can about the process, in case they need a helping hand. Read our ‘How to’ guide to helping a cat give birth and you’ll be a proud pet grandparent in no time!...

Dog out the window

One in three new dog owners end up buying a new car

19th May, 2021

In the home and on the move, pets take up a surprising amount of room. In fact, many dog owners find they need a bigger car to accommodate their four-legged friend. Last year, more than a third (35%) of new dog-owning motorists had to ‘pup-size’ by buying a bigger or more practical car because of their pet, according to new research from automotive marketplace CarGurus....

How to protect your pet in a fire

How to protect your pet in a fire

14th May, 2021

We would do everything we could to keep our families safe from the devastating impact of a fire. And we’d do exactly the same for our pets. So the question is: Are you doing enough to keep your pets protected in the event of a fire?...

A kitten chasing a butterfly in a green garden on a sunny day

Should cats be microchipped?

13th May, 2021

To give your precious puss the best protection possible even when they are lost or missing, one of the most important things to do is to get them microchipped. This way you’ll give them a greater chance of being found and safely returned to you – no matter how far they’ve wandered....

Happy Cat

Helping your cat adjust to life after lockdown

12th May, 2021

With lockdown restrictions continuing to ease across the UK, our cats will find themselves home alone a lot more. While many cats will enjoy the extra peace and quiet, any change in routine can be worrying and stressful for our furry companions, says Cats Protection....

A cat standing on the edge of a lake investigating the water

Can cats swim?

10th May, 2021

From hiding at bath time to staying indoors on rainy days, if you ask most owners whether their feline friends like water, you’d probably receive a resounding ‘No!’. But is that true? And if your cat does like water, are there any ways to keep them safe from harm? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in our guide to water safety for cats....


Cat charity warns of lily poisoning risk after fatal case

6th May, 2021

Cats Protection is warning owners about the dangers of lilies, which are often included in bouquets of flowers but are particularly toxic to cats....