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Couple Dog Walking

How to introduce your dog to your new partner

4th March, 2021

Meeting a new partner is exciting, especially when you get the feeling you might have met ‘the one’. But one of the first big tests your relationship will face is introducing them to the other love of your life – your dog....

Happy dog at the vets

Top tips for visiting the vet with your dog

4th March, 2021

Visiting the vet with your dog is a regular occurrence but can be a source of stress for many pet owners. Such trips aren’t just vital for annual check-ups and vaccinations but also if your pup has an accident or becomes ill. Unfortunately, many pets associate a trip to the vet with something unpleasant – whether pain, discomfort, or stress. To make sure your vet appointments go without a hitch, f...

Dog First Aid

Basic first aid for cats and dogs

4th March, 2021

Every year, hundreds of pets are involved in accidents. Our cats and dogs can end up facing a multitude of hazards, from wasp stings, heatstroke and poisoning to electrocution and road accidents....

Scottish Fold

What are Scottish Fold cats?

4th March, 2021

Choosing the right cat for you and your family can be a tough choice. Indeed, there are so many breeds out there, you might be tempted to just pick the prettiest one, or the one that stands out from the crowd. But, as with so many animals, sometimes the thing that makes them so cute is also the thing that can have big implications on their health....

A cat laying under a table hiding

5 places where your cat can get stuck indoors

3rd March, 2021

Cats are incredible creatures. They boast lightning fast speeds, incredible hearing and amazing sight – they even have the ability to fall asleep almost anywhere! But one of their most fascinating traits is being able to squeeze into even the tiniest nooks and crannies....

Why do cats fight?

Why do cats fight?

2nd March, 2021

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll know just how gentle and affectionate these cute creatures can be – most of the time! But like any animal, cats can get angry or aggressive, especially when they feel their territory might be under threat....

Teenage Dog

Adolescent behaviour in dogs

25th February, 2021

Having a young pup is challenging but a huge amount of fun. Once they’re house trained, sleeping through the night and responding well to your commands, you could think it was time to relax. But think again!...

Couple with their dog

How to spot a fake dog advert

25th February, 2021

Bringing a new puppy into your home is an unforgettable experience for all dog lovers. However, it’s no surprise that with so many people looking for a four-legged companion, scammers and disreputable puppy farmers are looking to make easy money at everyone’s expense....

Assistance Dog

What are assistance dogs?

25th February, 2021

We never feel more humble than when we hear the amazing stories of assistance dogs and the help and care they provide to their human owners. While we know our four-legged friends are loving and loyal companions, they also make incredible aids for those with special needs and disabilities who need a helping paw....