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ginger cat poking head out from under bed sheets

The definitive guide to stopping your cat waking you up at night

31st May, 2022

Ever had your slumber disturbed by an insistent ‘meow’? Or been startled awake in the early hours by your kitten’s claws piercing your toes? Cats have little respect for their owners’ need for eight hours of uninterrupted shut-eye. When they want to eat, play or be cuddled, they’ll let you and your family know about it!...

Hiding cat

How far does your cat wander outside?

26th May, 2022

Some days, cats disappear for hours on end and you can’t help wondering where they are. Have they gone on an adventure, following interesting smells and sounds, or are they snoozing under a nearby bush?...

Happy Dogs

Rikki Clarke and his love of Labradors

24th May, 2022

This month, cricketer Rikki Clarke takes time out to discuss lives, loves and new challenges. “I’ve got to be honest…it does feel a little bit strange,” says Rikki Clarke, who won’t be playing professional cricket this season for the first time in 20 years....

Long dog walk

The UK's safest areas for dogs

23rd May, 2022

York is the safest place in the UK to own a dog, followed by Plymouth and Swansea. That’s according to a new study by dog food maker, which took into account factors including traffic, crime, pet theft and pollution to come up with the top 15 towns and cities for dogs and their owners....

french bulldog in between couples legs

How your dog could help you get a date

19th May, 2022

We all know that owning a dog brings so many benefits – companionship, fun, exercise. And, of course, a warm furry body to curl up with on the sofa after a long, bracing walk. No wonder that we all dote on our four-legged friends, and do all we can to keep them in the best of health – including, of course, taking out pet insurance to help pay for their ongoing care....

pack of dogs walking in london

27 dog-friendly things to do in London

13th May, 2022

Planning some time in the capital, but not sure if there’s much for your beloved pup to do in the big smoke? Never fear: our list below is full of brilliant experiences that you and your hound can share in this great city. No matter where you venture this year, make sure your dog insurance is up to date. You can get a quote from Purely Pets in a matter of minutes. Happy exploring!...

cat and dog lying on the grass together

Cat and dog laws in the UK

12th May, 2022

What does UK law say about pets? You might have a clear sense of what’s right and wrong when it comes to animals, but does it match what’s written in the rule books? Having the right pet insurance and sticking to these rules is all part and parcel of being a responsible pet owner. Let’s find out about the legal issues around keeping and caring for cats and dogs....

Cat with owner reading

Pet ownership reaches new high but many owners end up having to give up their pets

9th May, 2022

The UK’s pet population has grown to a record 35 million after a boom in pet ownership during the pandemic, but there are concerns over the number of owners giving up their pet....

Happy dog on harness

Researchers to study how dogs move when wearing a harness

9th May, 2022

UK researchers are appealing for help from dog owners to learn more about how dogs’ movement is affected by different harness designs. The team from Harper Adams University and Nottingham Trent University will be looking at the types of equipment people use to walk their dogs and the impact of harness design on the way dogs move when walking....