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Kitten playing with a ball

Play and meaty food deter cats from hunting

23rd February, 2021

Playing with your cat every day and feeding them a meat-rich food can help reduce their hunting, researchers have found. Predation of wild animals by domestic cats is a common concern for conservationists and cat owners, but many owners are reluctant to keep their cats indoors or restrict their outdoor access because they feel it would impact negatively on their cats’ quality of life....

A vet inspecting the teeth of a cat

How to look after your cat’s teeth

19th February, 2021

Did you know that up to 85% of cats aged three years and older have dental disease of some kind? Rather than hoping that any problems with your cat’s teeth or gums will just become obvious, it’s always better to take preventative action – otherwise you may need to claim for treatment on your cat insurance....

Man on laptop with his dog

Thinking of getting a new pet? Beware of scams, charity warns

16th February, 2021

A charity is warning potential new owners to be wary of scams as fraudsters seek to take advantage of the huge increase in demand for pets. Blue Cross says that the “overwhelming surge in demand” for dogs and cats since the first lockdown in March 2020 has led to over-inflated prices, an increase in reports of dog theft, and a rise in online scams....

Cat being loved

How to make your cat happier

11th February, 2021

Is your cat as happy as it could be? Sure, you get the odd snuggle on the sofa or purr when you put down its food but is there more you could be doing as an owner to make your feline’s life go from fine to fabulous?...

A cat and dog laying next to their owner on a sofa

What are cat years and dog years?

10th February, 2021

We know that our pets age faster than we do, but the question is how much? For many of us, the rule is that one pet year is equal to seven human years. It’s simple enough, but not as accurate as you may think. In reality, a one-year-old pet is more mature than a seven-year-old child....

Dog on top of storage boxes

Tenancy changes end blanket ban on pets

9th February, 2021

The government has revised the standard tenancy agreement in England to make it easier for tenants with pets to find rented accommodation. Under the new Model Tenancy Agreement, landlords will no longer be able to issue blanket bans on pets....

Dog barking

Do you know what these dog barks mean?

9th February, 2021

Unless you’re Doctor Doolittle, you’ll often be confused by your dog’s barks. While it’s sometimes obvious (someone has rung the doorbell) other times our pooches seem to be woofing at nothing at all. However, just because we don’t speak the same language, doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot they want to tell us....

Cleaning cat wee

How do I get rid of that cat pee smell?

9th February, 2021

If your home starts to develop a distinct cat pee whiff, it’s best to take action. Firstly, you need to investigate why your puss has started peeing or spraying indoors. Secondly, you’re going to need some serious cleaning know-how to tackle the pong while you work out what the underlying issue is....

A puppy standing up in a cardboard box

How to buy a puppy responsibly

8th February, 2021

While buying a puppy can be daunting, it’s easy to avoid some of the common mistakes made by first-time owners. By following these simple but crucial steps you’ll be soon on your way to a happy and long life together with your four-legged buddy....