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dog and a cat in a car leaning out the window

21 tips for travelling with pets

5th May, 2022

Taking your dog or cat on a little trip? As long as you’ve got pet insurance in place and you’ve read these essential tips, you’re guaranteed a bon voyage! Here we give you some quick advice on transporting your pet by car, train and air. We also look at the rules and regulations of taking your pet to the EU and beyond....

Children playing with cat with cat toy

30 best cat toys and supplies

28th April, 2022

We’re all looking for ways to spoil our cats! That’s why we’ve come up with these 30 best cat toys and supplies, so you can show your kitty some love! Playing goes hand in hand with learning when it comes to young kittens. Make sure you’ve got cat insurance in place from the moment you bring your cat home to protect them from any misadventures....

Dog in the city

23 tips for living with a dog in the city

27th April, 2022

For city dwellers, the experience of raising a dog can be very different from those who live in the countryside. From noisy traffic and busy pavements to high-rise apartment living, there are many things you’ll need to take into account....

Chris O’Shea

British actor Chris O’Shea, banging the drum for foster dogs

26th April, 2022

He’s Pratts bottoms finest, now scaring the living daylights out of the Riverdale residents on the popular Netflix show, which is heading into its sixth season....

Dog Shopping

Cost of living crisis: thousands unable to afford pet care

26th April, 2022

We know that times are tough for so many people at the moment and we’re all making difficult financial decisions in order to stay afloat. A huge cost for many of us is maintaining a pet, from food through to vet bills....


Repetitive behaviour in dogs: what are the risk factors?

25th April, 2022

Repetitive behaviours such as tail chasing, pacing, surface licking, self-biting and snapping at their reflection or shadow are more common in dogs belonging to first-time owners, those who live with larger families and those who exercise for less than one hour per day, researchers have found....

Cat hiding

'Look before you lock', charity warns after cat is trapped for five days

25th April, 2022

Cats Protection is urging people to check for cats before they lock their sheds and garages, after a cat in Sussex was locked in a neighbour’s shed for five days....

Dog Running With Ball in Mouth

17 things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog

13th April, 2022

If you're thinking of adding a dog to your household: congratulations! It may prove to be one of the best things you ever do. During your research, you'll probably come across certain terms again and again – 'pedigree', 'purebred', 'mixed breed'. What do these terms mean? How much does it cost to buy and look after a pedigree dog? And what kinds of health issues can pedigree breeds suffer from?...

Cat Hunting in The Grass

How to stop a cat from hunting

13th April, 2022

As cat owners we shouldn’t be surprised at this behaviour. The hunting instinct is very prevalent among cats. Some animals may be more skilled hunters than others, but the instinct to chase down and kill prey will be present in most domestic felines....