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Dog having his ear cleaned

Study reveals dog breeds most affected by ear infections

23rd November, 2021

One in every 14 dogs in the UK suffers from ear infection each year, according to new research from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). Knowing more about the condition can help you spot the signs and ensure your dog gets prompt treatment when they need it. Ear infections (clinically known as ‘otitis externa’) occur when the lining of a dog’s ear becomes inflamed and thickened in either one......

Happy family dog

How is your pet coping with life after lockdown?

23rd November, 2021

The schools have gone back and many people have returned to the office after working from home. But for some pets, this change to the daily routines will be a big adjustment and may leave them feeling stressed or anxious. With life getting back to some sort of ‘normal’, the RSPCA is urging pet owners to think about how their furry friends are coping....

Petting the cat

Pets helped us feel less alone during lockdown, study shows

23rd November, 2021

Cat and dog owners feel that their pets had a positive effect on their wellbeing during the pandemic, researchers have found. In a study by the University of the West of Scotland and the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, around 85% of dog owners and 75% of cat owners said their pets had an extremely or moderately positive effect on their wellbeing....

Happy dog in the car

ADHD-like behaviour seen in some dogs

23rd November, 2021

Some dogs show behaviours that are similar to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in humans, researchers say. A study involving more than 11,000 pet dogs carried out at the University of Helsinki demonstrated that a dog’s sex, age and breed, as well as any behavioural problems and certain environmental factors, are connected to hyperactive and impulsive behaviour and inattention....

Cat begging for food

Vets advise against vegan diet for dogs and cats

23rd November, 2021

A vegan diet is unlikely to provide all the vitamins and nutrients your dog or cat needs, according to the British Veterinary Association (BVA). The statement was issued in response to media reports of unpublished research which suggested that cats and dogs had as good, or better, health outcomes on plant-based diets as they did when fed on meat pet foods......

What is blue green algae poisoning in dogs?

What is blue green algae poisoning in dogs?

16th November, 2021

We all love seeing our beloved pups paddle through the water – noses pointed in the air, they look like they're having to muster all their strength to stop themselves from going under. But, owners need to be mindful of letting their pet just swim anywhere. If blue-green algae is lurking, it could cause all manner of health issues for your unknowing dog....

How to get rid of fleas on your cat or dog

How to get rid of fleas on your cat or dog

8th November, 2021

Flea infestations are one of the biggest fears of any pet parent. As well as ridding your poor cat or dog of the parasites themselves, you will need to clean your entire house, otherwise they will quickly start to set up home and reproduce – and they can give you a nasty bite, too!...

Eyelash problems for dogs

Eyelash problems for dogs

5th November, 2021

We all love looking into those big puppy dog eyes, don’t we? But have you ever considered that your dog’s eyelashes could be a source of pain for your pet?...

Scared Dogs

Top tips for our four-legged friends on Bonfire Night

1st November, 2021

Fireworks can be the cause of a lot of stress for our furry friends. Planning and following our top tips, can help firework fears become less stressful for all involved....