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Have you just welcomed a new puppy into your life? Congratulations! Let us help you find the protection your new best friend deserves!

*Purely Pets can only insure puppies from 8 weeks old, please see policy wording for more information

Our Dog insurance cover levels

As award winning pet insurance specialists we’ve designed 15 levels of cover, giving you the freedom to choose what’s right for you and your dog. Just click the options below to find out more.

Defaqto 5* rating applicable to Dog vet fees from £6000+ and Cat vet fees from £8000+.

The Purely Pet Promise

At Purely, we’re here to support you. That’s why all Purely Pets Customers get access to unlimited video consultations 24/7 with a qualified vet. Our easy to use online portal ‘Manage My Policy’, enables you to access your policy 24hrs a day. This provides greater flexibility, allowing you to manage your policy at a time that suits you, so that you can spend more time with your furry friends, and less time managing your insurance. Get a quote

What do Purely Pets pet insurance policies cover?

When comparing policies, it’s vital that dog owners understand what's covered and what's not so they can find a policy that suits their needs.

Purely Pets policies usually cover the following things:

  • Vet fees

Your policy from Purely Pets may include cover for vet bills from £1,000 up to £15,000 depending on the level of lifetime cover you choose. These vet fees can be paid to your vet directly, so you can focus on supporting your dog through their injury or illness.

  • Dental cover

If this is your first dog then you might not be aware how expensive veterinary treatment for dental treatment can be. At Purely Pets, we cover dental treatment for accidents in your first year, and include dental illness from year 2.

Policies only cover treatment for dental problems resulting from an accident or new illness. Routine dental care and pre-existing conditions won't be covered, and you need to ensure your pet’s teeth are checked on a yearly basis with any recommended work completed.

  • Emergency Boarding fees

What happens if you fall ill and can't look after your new puppy for a while? A Purely Pets policy could help cover the cost of boarding your dog in kennels.

  • Holiday cancellation

If you have to cancel a holiday or cut it short because your vet believes your puppy needs lifesaving treatment, we will reimburse the cost up to the value shown on your policy schedule.

  • Death from accident or illness

With many puppies now costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds, a policy should compensate you for at least some of the financial loss if they die due to illness* or accident.

  • Complementary treatments and special diets

Many comprehensive pet insurance options also offer complementary therapies such as physiotherapy or hydrotherapy. And if your puppy needs a special diet then it may also cover the costs of that, too. However, a special diet will only be covered in the scenario to dissolve crystals or stones.

  • Third party liability

If your new, excitable puppy causes injury to someone else or their property, you might be left having to defend a claim. Third-party liability cover can help towards the legal costs.

  • Loss by theft or straying

If you lose your pet or it strays, we could help you with the costs of advertising and reward to get your precious pup back home where they belong.

Why choose Purely Pets?

24/7 Free Video Calls with a Vet

24/7 Video Calls with a Vet

Flexible Excess Options

Flexible Excess Options

Direct payment to vet

Direct payment to vet

Payments made direct to vet

Payments made direct to vets

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

No upper age limit

No upper age limit

What type of pet insurance policies can I get?

What you can buy from Purely Pets:

  • Lifetime pet insurance

Lifetime pet insurance is a type of insurance that offers continuous cover and lifelong protection for your pet. This type of insurance covers the cost of medical treatments and procedures, such as check-ups, surgery, and hospitalisation.

Lifetime pet insurance typically includes coverage for illness or injuries that may occur throughout your pet's life, provided the condition has only developed within the period of insurance.

What you can buy from other insurance providers:

  • Accident only pet insurance

Accident only pet insurance is a type of pet insurance that covers veterinary treatment required for injuries caused by accidents. This type of pet insurance provides coverage for medical bills associated with an accident, including hospitalisation, surgery, lab tests, and medications.

  • Time limited pet insurance

This type of pet insurance provides coverage for a specific amount of time, usually 12 months. When the time limitation begins is dependent on the policy terms of your insurance provider.

During this time, your pet is covered for certain types of illnesses and accidents, as well as any necessary treatments. Once the time limit or financial limit has been reached there will no longer be any further cover for that condition.

  • Maximum benefit pet insurance

Maximum benefit pet insurance provides a financial amount per condition, with no time limit subject to the policy being renewed. Once this financial limit has been reached, then there will be no further cover for that condition.

Maximum benefit pet insurance may cover accidents, illnesses, surgeries, prescriptions, and more but please refer to your policy terms for full conditions for what’s included on your policy.

Common exclusions of pet insurance policies

There are many different options on the market, but you’ll find they all have a number of common exclusions. Examples include:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

  • Vaccinations

  • Flea and worm treatment

  • Spaying and neutering

  • Medical care related to pregnancy

  • Puppies under the age of eight weeks

  • Illnesses developing within the first 14 days of taking out your pet insurance policy

  • Certain breeds

  • Dangerous or aggressive dogs

If you have any questions about the cover, speak to one of our friendly team today.

Get a quick online quote

To find cover that perfectly suits your dog’s needs, use the Purely Pets online quote portal. It’s so easy and straightforward, you’ll find a deal to suit you in super-quick time.

To get started, we'll need the following information:

  • Breed – whether pedigree, mixed-breed or mongrel

  • Size if a mixed breed or mongrel– large (more than 20kg), medium (10 to 20 kg) or small (less than 10kg)

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

  • How much you paid or donated for your pet

  • Whether your pet has been spayed or neutered

Customer reviews

We’re committed to improving our Pet Insurance products wherever possible, which is why feedback from our customers is so important to us. We’re incredibly proud of our Excellent Trustpilot rating and you can read the latest reviews from our fantastic customers below.

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Our Pet Insurance awards

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Insurance Choice Awards
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Uk Brooker Awards
British Claims
Insurance Choice Awards
Moneyfacts Consumer
Uk Brooker Awards

Find out more

You can find out more about our Puppy Insurance product below and there’s more help available on our FAQs page.

There are many different places offering pet cover, but there’s only one Purely Pets. Here are 12 great reasons to choose us.

  1. Unlimited 24/7 vet video consultations on the Joii app, at no additional cost

  2. No upper age limit

  3. Easy online claims process

  4. 98% claims paid*

  5. Interest-free payments

  6. Payments can be made direct to vet

  7. 15 levels of lifetime cover

  8. Lifetime cover up to £15,000

  9. Flexible Excess Options

  10. Defaqto 5* rating applies to Lifetime £8k-£15k

  11. Refer a friend scheme

  12. Manage your policy online

The cost of dog insurance in the UK can vary depending on a number of different factors. These include:

  • What breed you have. Some breeds are more prone to certain medical conditions than others, meaning potentially higher premiums.

  •  Where you live. Just as the costs of home and car cover can vary due to location, so can the costs of dog cover.

  • What type of cover you go for. Cover can vary from ‘accident-only’ policies to fully comprehensive policies. The financial benefit limit selected can also impact cost.

It’s a fact of life that some breeds will cost more to insure than others. For example, French bulldogs can be more expensive to insure owing to their potential for breathing problems, while Newfoundlands can also prove costly due to potential hip problems and arthritis.

We've revealed the cheapest dog breeds to insure elsewhere on our blog. That said, no matter what breed you set your heart on, there could still be health problems you’ll need to prepare for. 

To get a quick online quote, simply answer a few short questions about your dog and we’ll do the rest. That way, you can compare prices and policy details with no hassle.

If you’re searching for the most affordable cover for your dog, there are five simple steps you’ll want to take:

  • Check for any add-ons you don’t need: A lifetime policy offers a great deal, but you might not need everything offered by the policy. For example, if you don’t need overseas travel cover for your dog, speak to your insurer and see if you can remove it to save money.

  • Ask about a multi-pet insurance policy: If you own more than one pet, a multi-pet insurance policy could be cheaper. Taking out a policy for each pet individually can often be more expensive.

  • Increase your excess: Opting for a higher excess should result in lower premiums. However, you need to make sure you can afford the amount you choose when it comes to making a claim.

  • Use pet advice lines: Sometimes you might not need to head straight to your local veterinary practice if you think your pet is unwell. Specialist providers like Purely Pets include unlimited 24/7 vet video consultations as part of their benefits package.

  • Take care of your pet: It sounds obvious, but taking care of your dog is a great way to save money. Protecting them from injury, feeding them a healthy diet, staying up to date with pet's vaccinations and check-ups, and ensuring they get plenty of exercise will keep them in tip-top shape.

Our Refer a Friend scheme has now ended. For any outstanding rewards, please check your email correspondence. Thank you for your participation!

Don't just take our word for it – see what other customers have to say by reading our Trustpilot reviews today!

Unfortunately, a young pet will be a popular target for criminals. So, you’ll want a policy that provides compensation if your beloved puppy is lost or stolen. Yet another benefit of arranging a policy through Purely Pets.

As you can see, it’s vital your new dog is vaccinated to guard against a range of health conditions. However, in a similar way to spaying and neutering, these routine vaccinations are not usually covered by insurance.

If you want to find cheaper premiums, it’s a good idea to keep their vaccinations up to date as insurers will ask when providing you with a quote. After all, insurers may not pay out for a condition which could have been prevented by a vaccination.

Puppies are so adorable and playful, but their undeveloped immune systems can make them susceptible to a range of health conditions. If your puppy develops any of these then you’ll be glad you had insurance.

Common health conditions to look out for include:

  • Infectious diseases – Kennel cough, parvovirus, canine distemper, leptospirosis, and canine viral hepatitis – your young puppy is at risk from all of these. It’s vital they receive the correct vaccinations to protect them. If they are not up-to-date with their vaccinations, any conditions that could have been prevented by a vaccination will not be covered by insurance.

  • Worms and fleas – A common complaint. These nasty little parasites need to be controlled with regular preventative treatments. Preventative treatments however, are not covered on insurance.

  • Diarrhoea and stomach upsets – Puppies can be susceptible to gastrointestinal problems due to anxiety, illness or eating something that hasn’t agreed with their sensitive tummy.

  • Congenital defects – These conditions can occur in any part of the body, including the eyes, cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal and genitourinary systems.

  • Urinary tract infections – Infections of the urinary tract are common and require quick diagnosis and treatment.

Remember, finding insurance to cover pre-existing conditions will be really difficult, so protect your pup when they're young and healthy.

As a Purely Pets customer, you'll have access to unlimited 24/7 vet video consultations at no additional cost so you can talk to a veterinary professional day or night.

Our blog is packed with dedicated puppy advice, too - perfect for new owners!

Check out our website for many more everyday tips in our regularly updated guides.

Here at Purely Pets, we specialise in comprehensive lifetime pet insurance policies to provide you and your dog with flexible cover options to suit you and your budget..

Our pet insurance cover is packed with benefits, no matter what level you choose:

Benefits of Bronze insurance

  • Vets fees from £1,000-£5,000

  • Flexible Excess Options

  • Complementary treatment £500

  • Special diet £100

  • Third party liability (dogs only) £1M

  • Death from illness £1,000 *

  • Death from accident £1,000

  • Boarding Fees £1,000

  • Holiday cancellation £1,000

  • Loss by theft/straying £1,000

  • Advertising and reward £1,000

Benefits of Silver insurance

  • Vets fees from £6,000-£10,000

  • Flexible Excess Options

  • Complementary treatment £750

  • Special diet £100

  • Third party liability (dogs only) £2M

  • Death from illness £1,500*

  • Death from accident £1,500

  • Boarding Fees £1,500

  • Holiday cancellation £1,500

  • Loss by theft/straying £1,500

  • Advertising and reward £1,500

Benefits of Gold insurance

  • Vets fees from £11,000-£15,000

  • Flexible Excess Options

  • Complementary treatment £1,000

  • Special diet £100

  • Third party liability (dogs only) £2M

  • Death from illness £2,000*

  • Death from accident £2,000

  • Boarding Fees £2,000

  • Holiday cancellation £2,000

  • Loss by theft/straying £2,000

  • Advertising and reward £2,000

Choosing which level of policy is right for you and your puppy can be difficult if you haven’t taken any specialist advice. Our team is always on hand to guide you through the options worth considering.

*There is an age restriction on death from illness. Please check your policy documents for more information.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to deciding how much cover you need. That’s why speaking to our specialist team is so important.

With the cost of living on the rise, many pet owners are feeling the squeeze. But if you’re looking to save money, don’t be fooled into thinking that the cheapest dog insurance policy is going to be right for you – it almost certainly won’t be.

At times like this, you really need to be looking for value. You may find that the cheaper the policy, the less protection it will provide and the more exclusions it will have.

Only lifetime policies will protect your beloved dog every year. Other options may only protect your pup for certain conditions for a set period of time or financial limit.

There’s no legal requirement to have dog insurance for your puppy, but investing in a policy could be the best decision you ever make.

Here are 5 reasons to start puppy insurance as soon as you bring them home.

  1. Vet bills can be expensive: If they get ill or injured, then vet bills can soon mount up.

  2. Modern vet care can be complex: From surgery and chemotherapy to diagnostic tests and drug treatments, modern medical care can work wonders if you can get access to it.

  3. Regular payments help with budgeting: Paying set monthly premiums is a great way to avoid nasty surprises, and there is no interest charge for doing so.

  4. Get quick access to healthcare: With the right policy in place, you’ll never delay in making decisions about your dog’s health based on finances alone.

  5. Get protected before a medical condition develops: It’s much better to get insurance before your pup develops a medical condition. Pre-existing conditions are rarely covered.

Another important reason for covering your puppy while they’re still young is to protect other people from harm or damage. If they bite a person or another dog, damage property, or cause an accident, you could be liable for any damages.

Always check that a policy includes third party liability to take care of any potential legal claims made against you.

The best time is when they are fit and healthy. Most insurers will provide insurance from eight weeks old, and it’s advised to arrange a policy as soon as possible after that.

Don’t be tempted to wait until they get older before insuring them. If they get injured or a condition develops before you have cover, then you may find yourself in difficulty.