Helping your cat adjust to life after lockdown

Happy Cat

With lockdown restrictions continuing to ease across the UK, our cats will find themselves home alone a lot more.

While many cats will enjoy the extra peace and quiet, any change in routine can be worrying and stressful for our furry companions, says Cats Protection.

To help them adjust to this ‘new normal’, the feline welfare charity has put together some top tips on making the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. The advice includes…

Make changes gradually

Before the time comes when you’ll be leaving the house more often, such as to go to work, start to gradually adjust your cat’s routine. For example, reduce the amount of interaction you have with your cat during the hours you’ll be away and move their feeding times if necessary.

Provide some boredom busters

To help keep your cat entertained while you’re away, you could provide them with puzzle feeders. These are available from pet retailers or you can make your own from household items.

Cat playing with toys

Install a cat flap

If you don’t yet have a cat flap, and have been letting your cat in and out of the house when they like, you’ll need to find an alternative for while you’re away.

A cat flap is a great option, and if you choose one that is linked to your cat’s microchip it will prevent any other cats from entering your home. Cats Protection has produced a short video showing how to teach your cat to use a cat flap.

Give them space

Cats appreciate having somewhere to hide away or get up high, as it helps them feel safe. Set up some cosy hiding places around the house – a cardboard box with a comfy blanket inside makes a perfect hideout – and maybe clear a few shelves or tops of wardrobes that your cat can access easily.

Spend quality time together

Even if you are going out more, make time to give your cat a bit of attention, whether it’s playing games or enjoying some fuss and cuddles.

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