Keeping your pets safe this autumn

Autumn: the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, not to mention dark nights, and fireworks, and Halloween.

This time of year brings a number of new challenges for pets and their owners, and it’s important to be aware of the seasonal hazards so that you can all continue to enjoy time outdoors.

A recent article in Companion Life lists some top tips for the new season, as shared by natural animal healthcare products specialist nutravet. They include:


With the weather getting cooler, it’s tempting to spend more time indoors — but it’s important to keep up with your dog’s daily walks. This will help to prevent any weight gain and keep them fit and healthy, and also stop your dog from getting bored.

Your cat may go outside less on cold and wet days, so make sure you play with them to keep them active in the house.

Autumn plants

Seeds and leaves are starting to drop, but some are poisonous to pets and can cause serious illness.

For instance, yew trees are poisonous to all species and eating just a small amount of the leaves, berries or bark can be extremely harmful.

Similarly, the bark, leaves, flowers and conkers of horse chestnut trees are poisonous to pets. And conkers, as well as acorns, can become a choking hazard or cause blockages when eaten by pets.

Safety on walks

As the days get shorter, if you are walking your dog early in the morning or late at night make sure you wear reflective clothing — and think about getting a reflective collar and coat for your dog, just in case they get lost. Insure your pet this autumn with our pet insurance.

Fleas and ticks

Central heating makes a comfortable environment for fleas, so keep up with your pet’s flea treatment to help prevent any unwanted house guests at this time of year. And check your pets regularly for ticks, especially after dog walks, as ticks are still prominent in the autumn.

A dog sitting in a long-grassed meadow


Although pumpkins are not poisonous, they could lead to your pet having a sensitive tummy if consumed in large quantities. Also, if you use candles in your pumpkins, make sure these are out of reach from your pet and can’t be knocked over.

Don’t dress your pet in a Halloween costume if they seem anxious. And keep them secure in one room to prevent any stress from visitors and to stop them dashing out of the door.


The fireworks season can last from October to New Year. To help reduce stress for your pet, make a den for them to retreat to during the fireworks and close curtains and play music to help block out the noise.

Natural pet remedies and plug-in diffusers are also available to help your pet deal with stressful situations.

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