Purely Pets consumer poll identifies nearly half of dog owners adopt

Adopted Dog & Owner

Ahead of National Dog Adoption Day on Monday, (25 October) Purely Pets have released results of a poll showing nearly half the respondents adopted rather than purchased their pet.

The survey, which was undertaken on social media, resulted in 44% of respondents saying they had rehomed a dog, while 56% indicated they had bought their dog.

Adopted Dog

Ross Hallifax, Affinity Director for Markerstudy Broking (Pet), said: “Adopting a dog is an excellent option – as you’ll be providing a better life for an animal who could have had a tough time, and it’s often far cheaper than buying.

“Whether an owner has adopted or bought, it’s possible there will be some ‘unknowns’ along the way and that’s where we come in, to help provide peace of mind and cover should your pet become injured or unwell.”

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