Dog Training Video on Chewing

These tips will help stop your dog chewing those items you don't want them to sink their teeth into.

Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs, it can be worse during puppyhood and adolescence but all dogs do need to chew throughout their lives.

To prevent your expensive shoes or your nice new sofa from getting chewed we need to be able to teach our dogs what's appropriate to chew and what's not. So, why do dogs chew?

Well, all dogs chew to help them to relax, but maybe it's because they're bored or they're exhibiting separation distress, maybe they're doing it to get your attention, or maybe they're puppies that are teething.

So, how do we stop unwanted chewing behaviour?

First of all, it's really important to provide your dogs with a plentiful supply of appropriate items to chew on or lick at. Toys, Kongs, licky-mats, long-lasting or consumable chews. Just make sure your dog is supervised to ensure bits don't break off and there's no choking hazards.

Restrict your dog's access to places with dangerous or valuable items and make sure you never punish your dog for chewing - it's natural for your dog to chew but it's how you manage it that's important.

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