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Looking to protect your house cat? Get the specialist cover your feline friend deserves with Purely Pets.

Are you the owner of a tiny kitten? Perhaps you've got a senior mog who's long been a part of your family? Whatever the case, we know you want the best for your pet, which means protecting them against illness and injury with cat insurance.

It doesn't matter whether your feisty feline lives all its life indoors or likes to roam around the neighbourhood – we've got a lifetime policy for you. With 15 levels of cover to choose from, we've got plans to suit every cat and owner.

To find the right fit at the right price for you, contact the Purely Pets team today.

Award-winning pet insurance

Your cat is important to you, and that makes it important to us. That's why we've made protecting your cat quick and easy.

Cat insurance policy benefits at a glance:

  • Lifetime cover of up to £15,000
  • 15 levels of lifetime policies to choose from
  • Online portal for policy management
  • 24-hour vet video service
  • Payments made direct to your vet
  • No upper age limit
  • Excess starting at £80
  • Refer a friend bonus

What is an indoor cat?

Indoor cats are those that spend most or all of their time inside, compared to outdoor cats who have unlimited access to the outside world. Both indoor and outdoor cats are prone to certain health problems, but when kept inside, you lower the risks to their well-being.

An outdoor cat can get lost or run away and is at higher risk of accident and injury by:

  • Getting into cat fights
  • Ingesting poisonous substances
  • Becoming a host to fleas and other pests

That doesn't mean your indoor feline is risk-free, though. Before making the decision to bring a cat home, make sure you do all you can to lower its chances of:

  • Developing separation anxiety and stress
  • Becoming overweight
  • Ingesting poisonous household plants and substances

If your mischievous mog falls ill while it's still young, it can cost you a small fortune to treat across its lifetime. That's why it's vital to protect your cat with lifetime insurance from the moment you welcome them home.

Want to find out more about our Indoor Cat Insurance Product? 

We’ve listed our key benefits below and you can also take a look at our cover levels, customer reviews and awards.

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Why choose Purely Pets

24/7 Free Video Calls with a Vet

24/7 Free Video Calls with a Vet

There’s no upper age limit

There’s no upper age limit

Easy online claims process

Easy online claims process

Payments made direct to vet

Payments made direct to vet

15 levels of Lifetime cover

15 levels of Lifetime cover

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Flexible Excess Options

Flexible Excess Options

Manage your policy online

Manage your policy online

Award winning Pet Insurance

Award winning Pet Insurance

Benefits of insuring your cat with us

The team at Purely Pets is passionate about cats and dogs and holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes to protecting them – that's why cat owners choose us to look out for their furry friend. We understand that no two pets and their families are the same, so offer various levels of cat insurance policies to suit everyone.

So, what sets us apart from other cat insurance providers?

15 levels of pet insurance policies

Choose from 15 different policies to find the one that fits your needs and budget.

Protection up to £15,000

Call us for a quick quote and choose to cover vet costs from £1,000-£15,000.

No age limit for older cats

Worried about finding cover due to your cat's age? There are no restrictions when it comes to protecting senior mogs with Purely Pets.

Payments made direct to vets

Claiming and paying your vet can be time-consuming with most cat insurance providers. When you insure your pet with us, we sort the finances directly with your veterinarian.

Online policy portal

Looking for flexibility when it comes to policy management? Access your details and make a claim online at a time when it suits you.

24/7 vet video calls

An emergency can happen day or night, which is why we offer access to quick and professional advice via our 24-hour vet video call service.

Multi pet policy

Own more than one pet? Get cat insurance deals to protect them all together and save on your premiums.

Refer a friend bonus

Are your friends and family searching for pet insurance? Refer them to us and you both get £15.

What's not covered by cat insurance?

Whether you choose the most basic policy or lifetime coverage for your pet, most cat insurance policies won't cover the following:

  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea and worming treatment
  • Grooming
  • Neutering/spaying
  • Cosmetic procedures and other non-emergency care
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Any illness or accident that occurs during the initial waiting period

As your pet's responsible owner, you need to make sure you budget for these additional payments when you decide to get a cat. If you need help with the costs, speak to your vet about a pet health plan to spread the payments across a year and make sure your feline gets everything it needs to stay healthy.

Why pet owners choose us

We understand what a huge part of your family your cat is, and it can be extremely worrying when they suddenly become ill or get into an accident. The team at Purely Pets believes every cat deserves only the best, which is why we protect felines young and old and offer various levels of cover so you can find the right fit.

Use our 24-hour vet video calls to get advice quickly and take your kitty to your preferred vet for treatment. Manage your policy with ease online and let us sort out those vet bills directly.

For award-winning protection throughout your cat's lifetime, get in touch with Purely Pets today.

Get pet insurance quotes from Purely Pets

Need cat insurance now? Simply fill out a few details about you and your cat on our online form or call our team on 0330 102 5748 to discuss the different types of cat insurance in more detail.

Our friendly team of insurance experts will tell you exactly what you need to get the best cat insurance for your pet and answer any queries you have regarding pet protection with us.

Don't wait any longer to protect your pet's health the way it deserves. Get in touch today.

The Purely Pet Promise

At Purely, we’re here to support you. That’s why we offer a 24 Hour Vet Helpline free of charge to all of our customers. Our easy to use online portal ‘Manage My Policy’, enables you to access to your policy 24hrs a day. This provides greater flexibility, allowing you to manage your policy at a time that suits you, so that you can spend more time with your furry friends, and less time managing your insurance. Get a quote

Our Cat insurance cover levels

As award winning pet insurance specialists we’ve designed 15 cover levels to give you the freedom to choose the right level of cover for you and your cat. Just click the options below to find out more.

Customer reviews

We’re committed to improving our Pet Insurance products wherever possible, which is why feedback from our customers is so important to us. We’re incredibly proud of our Excellent Trustpilot rating and you can read the latest reviews from our fantastic customers below.

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Our Pet Insurance awards

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British Claims
Insurance Choice Awards
Moneyfacts Consumer
Uk Brooker Awards
British Claims
Insurance Choice Awards
Moneyfacts Consumer
Uk Brooker Awards

Find out more

You can find out more about our Cat Insurance product below and there’s more help available on our FAQs page.

Yes, some insurers offer discounts when you cover more than one cat on the same policy. If you've got a collection of cats you need to protect, speak to our team today to see how it could affect your premiums.

Every cat owner wants the best for their beloved mog. A lifetime insurance policy protects your feline against illness and injury year after year, taking care of the vet fees so you don't have to. As the most comprehensive cover available, it's the best option for your pet.

Remember, even the most inclusive cat insurance plan is unlikely to protect your pet against pre-existing conditions, so make sure you insure them while they're still healthy.

Microchipping isn't considered as treatment for your pet, so isn't covered by your cat insurance plan. Unlike with dogs, it's not yet a legal requirement in the UK but is recommended to keep your cat safe.

If your cat needs dental care for a new illness or injury, we can cover it if you're still within the limits set out by your policy. We can't cover pre-existing conditions that require dental . However, it is important that your cat goes for an annual health check that includes a teeth inspection.

Just like microchipping, neutering your pet isn't an emergency treatment, so isn't part of your cat insurance plan. However, castrating or spaying your feline can lower its risk of various health and behavioural issues and also prevent unwanted pregnancies and litters. The best time to neuter your kitten is around 4 months old before they become sexually mature

Vaccinations are not considered as treatment  for your kitty and something you should budget for when you get a cat. If your pet falls ill due to something that could have been prevented by vaccinations, it won't be covered by your cat insurance, just like pre-existing medical conditions.

If you're the owner of an older cat and struggling to find protection, give us a call. We have no age limit when it comes to seniors and believe they all deserve the same quality of life. Just remember that we can't cover a pre-existing medical condition if your pet is already ill.

Yes, not all cat breeds cost the same to insure. Pedigree cats usually cost more than mixed breeds to protect because they are more prone to genetic conditions. Not all pedigree cats get quoted the same premiums either. Persian cats, for example, are higher risk than many other breeds, which could see you paying more to protect them.

Finding a specialist insurer who understands the level of cover you need for a pedigree cat like this is important. Got a high risk breed you need covered? Give us a call and discuss the various levels of lifetime plans for your beloved pet.

Many insurance providers take your cat's gender into consideration when coming up with a quote. On average, females tend to have less health issues than males and are more resilient if they do get ill, which could mean you pay less for a girl cat. Males are often more mischievous, too, making it more likely they'll get into a fight.

We know you want to get cover for your pet as soon as possible to prevent issues down the line regarding pre-existing conditions. That's why our lifetime protection is available to kittens once they reach just 8 weeks old.

No standard pet insurance policy will include pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, highlighting the need to spay or neuter your pet. This means that if your female cat does get pregnant and develops preeclampsia or other serious medical issue, your cat insurance won't pay for her care and treatment.

To get a quick quote from Purely Pets, we just need a few details about your pet, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Breed

Yes, there are a couple of reasons why where you live affects your premiums. First, veterinary care costs more in certain parts of the country than others, like in London.

You may also find you pay more if you live near a busy road rather than in a quiet village.

Talk to the team today to get the best quotes for your circumstances.

Cats are clever and independent creatures, but they still rely on you for a happy and healthy life, especially when it comes to their diet, exercise and overall well-being.

As a responsible pet parent, it's your job to make sure it enjoys the life it deserves, which includes protecting it with lifetime cat insurance. Why?

Vet fees can cost a lot

Even the most agile and healthiest of cats can get into an accident or fall ill when you least expect it, which could sometimes mean major surgery. Over time, vet bills and treatment soon mount up, especially if your kitty develops a chronic condition.

With cat insurance policies, you don't need to worry about those unexpected vet treatment costs and can get your cat the care they need to be fighting fit again.

Your cat deserves the best

Your cat has been a lifelong companion to you and your family, so when it needs emergency care, you want to take it somewhere you know they'll get the best medical attention.

With a Purely Pets lifetime plan in place, we'll cover the costs of veterinary treatment to get your pet the care it deserves, fast.

Get cover before chronic conditions develop

Unfortunately, we can't predict when our furry friend will fall ill. If your pet develops a medical condition and isn't insured, it makes it a lot harder to find cover, and you could see your quoted cat insurance premiums soar. If you do find coverage for your pet, it's unlikely they will cover pre-existing medical conditions.

To avoid such a tough situation and save you money in the long run, take out a pet insurance policy while your cat is still healthy. At Purely Pets, we insure kittens from just 8 weeks old and have no upper age limit for older cats, so every feline can get the protection they need.

Finding the right cat insurance policy for your mog can be a headache with so many types available and terms to understand. We've got you covered with a breakdown of the various types:

  • Lifetime pet insurance: This is the most comprehensive policy available and provides ongoing protection throughout your cat's life. We'll cover your pet every year up to a certain amount and reinstate it every 12 months.
  • Maximum benefit insurance: Cover your cat for each accident or illness up to a certain amount, after which the protection ends.
  • Time limited cover: This is similar to maximum benefit but coverage is time limited and up to a fixed figure.
  • Accident-only protection: This standard policy is the most basic, only providing protection against injury. If your cat suffers from an illness, you'll need to pay the vet fees and treatment.

At Purely Pets, we specialise in lifetime cat insurance policies. Give us a call to choose from 15 levels of protection for your pet today.

No two felines are the same, and the cost of cat insurance depends on a few factors:

  • The type of policy
  • How much cover you need
  • Your cat's breed
  • It's age
  • It's current health
  • Whether it's been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated
  • Where you (and your pet) live
  • The amount of excess you choose

At Purely Pets, we understand you want the best cat insurance for your beloved mog, so only offer lifetime protection. Give us a call to discuss the different levels of cover today.

A cat that lives inside might not be at risk from traffic or fighting with other felines, but there are still indoor risks that they need to be protected from.

Your cat could get poisoned by a houseplant or cleaning chemicals. They could choke on leftovers from the kitchen. Or they could get injured in a fall. Any one of these incidents could see you turning to your indoor cat insurance for help.

Don't let pet insurance costs sway you from getting proper protection for your feisty feline. We've got a few ways you can reduce your premiums:

  • Choose to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim.
  • Insure more than one pet with us and enjoy a discount.

Want to know how much you could save? Call Purely Pets today to get a cat insurance quote.

If you're planning on getting a kitten or already have an older cat at home, it's helpful to know what health conditions could crop up. When you wait too long to get them treated, you should expect higher vet bills and a lower chance of your pet recovering.

Here are some of the most common medical concerns in felines:

  • Dental disease – This is the most common reason cats need vet treatment but the risk can be reduced with proper care at home.
  • Diabetes – This condition occurs when your pet doesn't produce enough insulin. It can be managed when spotted early and the risk of other complications decrease.
  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) – Often seen in house cats that are overweight, stressed or eat mainly dried food, this issue can be easily treated if you get your pet seen quickly.
  • Fleas – Perhaps a cat owner's worst nightmare, this quickly multiplying pest can cause hair loss, extreme itching and skin infections. You'll need to treat your pet as well as thoroughly clean your home.
  • Eye problems – Older pets, in particular, are more prone to vision issues, including cataracts, glaucoma and retinal disease.
  • Upper respiratory infections – These are usually caused by bacterial or viral infections and can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea – Both medical concerns will usually clear up on their own, but if they persist, but they could be a sign of something more serious.

Whenever you notice something wrong with your cat, get them to the vets immediately. Most vet bills will be covered when a condition is spotted quickly. Leave it too long, and the cost of treatment could soon exceed your policy limit.

If you keep your cat indoors most or all of the time, you'll need to take a few measures to keep it happy and healthy. What can you do?

  • Feed them a balanced diet to manage their weight and meet their nutritional needs.
  • Provide plenty of physical and mental stimulation opportunities to prevent boredom.
  • Make sure they have enough toys to reduce the risk of separation anxiety.
  • Set aside some time each day to spend quality time together and strengthen your bond.
  • Don't neglect the outdoors. Even house cats need to get out for natural sunlight and fresh air.