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Looking to cover your cuddly Maine Coon? You've come to the right place! Let Purely Pets provide the protection your cat deserves.

Whether you're the proud pet parent of an adorable Maine Coon kitten or have had the pleasure of your gentle giant's company for years, you'll want to make sure your cat stays as healthy as possible.

At Purely Pets, we know how important it is to find Maine Coon pet insurance for your feline friend. That's why we provide 15 levels of cover to choose from, so you can find the right fit.

To find out more about our lifetime policies and get the cover your cat deserves, contact Purely Pets today.

Award-winning pet insurance to protect your Maine Coon

Your Maine Coon is just as important to us as it is to you, so we've made insuring your pet as straightforward as possible.

Cat Insurance Benefits

       15 levels of lifetime pet insurance

       Lifetime protection up to £15,000

       Online policy management

       Direct payments to your vets

       24/7 vet video consultations through the Joii app

       No upper age limit

       Referral bonus

       Excess from £80

All about Maine Coon cats

Known as the gentle giants of the cat world, Maine Coons come from – you guessed it – Maine in the USA. Many fans of the cat breed believe this American cat is actually related to the Norwegian Forest Cat and Siberian Cat, but their history is a little fuzzy.

These cats are big, fluffy and highly sociable, which is why they are often likened to their canine counterparts. They enjoy nothing more than cosying up with their humans after a long day and are excellent at picking up new skills, thanks to their intelligence. Their thick coat is actually water repellent and their overall build is very muscular.

Maine Coons fit in well with families who have children and other pets, even getting along with dogs, unlike many cat breeds. You'll need plenty of toys and puzzles to give them their daily dose of exercise and some time on your hands to keep up with grooming that glorious coat.

Your cute cat is as cuddly as they come, but that big build also means they’re prone to various health conditions, like hip dysplasia, spinal muscular atrophy and arthritis. They can also suffer from polycystic kidney disease, heart disease and other serious issues, which could cost you a hefty sum in emergency care over time.

That's why it's so important to cover your domestic cat with pet insurance from the moment you decide they're yours.

Maine Coon cat facts

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Size: 8-16 inches (20-40 cm)

Weight: 4-8 kg

Colours: Black, white, orange, red, grey, blue, beige, ebony, cream, fawn and chocolate

Appearance: Large body, muscular build, broad chest, fluffy, silky coat, long tail and pointed ears

Personality: Affectionate, intelligent and sociable

Why choose Purely Pets

24/7 Free Video Calls with a Vet

24/7 Free Video Calls with a Vet

There’s no upper age limit

There’s no upper age limit

Easy online claims process

Easy online claims process

Payments made direct to vet

Payments made direct to vet

15 levels of Lifetime cover

15 levels of Lifetime cover

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Choose an excess starting from £80

Choose an excess starting from £80

Manage your policy online

Manage your policy online

Award winning Pet Insurance

Award winning Pet Insurance

What are the benefits of cat insurance cover?

Our cat insurance benefits

With our passion for pets and wealth of experience insuring your furry friends, it's no wonder pet owners choose us to protect their beloved cats. We understand what a special breed the Maine Coon cat is and offer premium protection with a range of prices and policies to suit both you and your feline.

15 levels of pet insurance to choose from

No two cats are the same, which is why we provide 15 levels of protection to choose from to find the right fit for you and your Maine Coon.

Cover from £1,000-£15,000

You decide the level of cover you need for your cat with our range of policies.

No age limit for seniors

Has your Maine Coon reached its golden years? Get the protection your pet truly deserves for a lifetime. We insure cats from 8 weeks old, with no upper age limit.

We pay your vet directly

Do you find paying your vet a hassle? We'll sort the bills for you. If your vet allows, we will pay your vet directly, minus your policy excess.

Online policy portal

Make a claim and manage your details at a time that suits you.

24-hour vet video consultations

Got a query about your cat? Our veterinary professionals at Joii are on hand 24/7.

Referral bonus

Let friends and family know about our pet insurance policies and enjoy £15 each when they sign up!

What doesn't cat insurance for your Maine Coon cover?

It doesn't matter whether you go for the most comprehensive lifetime policy or a basic cat insurance plan, there will always be certain factors that aren't covered by pet insurance companies:

       Flea and worming treatment


       Neutering and spaying


       Grooming and other routine care

       Cosmetic procedures

       Pre-existing conditions

       An injury or illness that occurs during the initial waiting period (this will be considered a pre-existing condition)

Bringing a Maine Coon home is a big responsibility, and you need to make sure you budget for all their non-emergency treatment. If you're finding it hard to manage the various payments, speak to your vet about a pet health plan to spread the costs evenly throughout the year. This way, your precious pet gets everything they need.

The Purely Pet Promise

At Purely, we’re here to support you. That’s why we offer a 24 Hour Vet Helpline free of charge to all of our customers. Our easy to use online portal ‘Manage My Policy’, enables you to access to your policy 24hrs a day. This provides greater flexibility, allowing you to manage your policy at a time that suits you, so that you can spend more time with your furry friends, and less time managing your insurance. Get a quote

Our Cat insurance cover levels

As award winning pet insurance specialists we’ve designed 15 cover levels to give you the freedom to choose the right level of cover for you and your cat. Just click the options below to find out more.

Customer reviews

We’re committed to improving our Pet Insurance products wherever possible, which is why feedback from our customers is so important to us. We’re incredibly proud of our Excellent Trustpilot rating and you can read the latest reviews from our fantastic customers below.

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Find out more

You can find out more about our Cat Insurance product below and there’s more help available on our FAQs page.

Maine Coon cats may be a hardy breed, but they can still become ill or get hurt. As their devoted owner, it's your responsibility to make sure they get the treatment they need in an urgent situation, which means taking out lifetime pet insurance.

Here's why Maine Coon pet insurance is essential.

Vet bills can be expensive

Maine Coon cats, like many other pedigrees, are prone to various medical conditions, like hip dysplasia and spinal muscular atrophy, which could mean significant costs start to mount over their lifetime. When your feline companion needs regular treatment or even surgery, vet bills can set you back a small fortune, especially if they develop a chronic condition.

With cat insurance in place, you can get the care they need without the worry of unexpected vet fees, so your Maine Coon can get back to its sprightly self in no time!

You want the best for your Maine Coon cat

When faced with an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is when and where your cat will get the right care. With one of our lifetime pet insurance policies, you don't need to worry about the financial aspect, so you can get your Maine Coon the treatment they deserve at the vet of your choice.

Protect your pet before they fall ill

Most insurers don't cover pre-existing medical conditions. That's why it's so important to find cover for your pet while they're still fit and healthy.

Looking for premium cover for your mischievous mog? Purely Pets protect Maine Coon kittens from just 8 weeks old and there's no upper age limit for senior pets.

Finding the right cat insurance for your gentle giant is essential, but navigating the industry jargon can be a challenge. Let's take a look at the most common types of insurance and what they cover:

       Lifetime pet insurance: Cover your Maine Coon year after year with ongoing, comprehensive protection. We pay the vet fees up to a fixed amount and reinstate it at renewal.

       Maximum benefit pet insurance: Protect your pet for each accident or illness up to a specific financial amount, and when the limit is reached, they're no longer covered for that condition

       Time-limited pet insurance: This pet insurance coverage works like maximum benefit but covers each issue for a certain amount of time. One this time limit is reached, there is no further cover for that condition..

       Accident-only pet insurance: This basic protection only covers your Maine Coon in an accident. If your cat falls ill, you'll need to pay the bills.

Here at Purely Pets, we believe that every pet deserves great protection, no matter their age, size or breed, which is why we only provide lifetime cover. To select a policy to suit your budget and needs, give our friendly team a call on 0330 102 5748 or fill out our online form.

This cat breed might seem irresistible with its fluffy fur and playful personality, but purebred cats are predisposed to certain health conditions. These medical issues can arise at any time in your cat's life, so it's important to learn how to spot them.

Here are some of the more common health conditions in Maine Coons.

Joint issues

Maine Coons are some of the heaviest domestic cats around, and that large build can take its toll on their joints throughout their lifetime.

Some of the more common joint problems your feisty feline is at risk of developing include:

  • Hip dysplasia: As your Maine Coon kitten grows, their hip joint ball and socket are at risk of misaligning and becoming loose.
  • Patellar luxation: This is when the knee keeps dislocating from its proper position.
  • Arthritis: The health problems above usually lead to inflammation and pain in joints in older cats, causing chronic issues in your beloved pet.

Spotting joint problems early on is key to your cat's quality of life. Watch for stiffness, limping and less inclination to play and stay active.

When you get a diagnosis before symptoms become too severe, your veterinarian can recommend ongoing medication and lifestyle changes to manage the issue. In severe cases, your cat may need surgery.

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

SMA affects your Maine Coon's motor neurons – the nerve cells that control the voluntary muscular movements located in their spinal cord. Affected cats experience muscle weakness and shrinkage because they can't respond to the signals they receive.

Clinical signs of this inherited disease usually show up while your Maine Coon is still young, so if you've recently adopted a small kitten, you may be able to have them tested to see whether they have the genetic mutation. Even when results are positive for the trait, Maine Coons can usually live happily and healthily as indoor cats.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Another common health condition in this cat breed is heart disease, specifically hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Watch your Maine Coon for eating less than normal, appearing tired or having breathing difficulties. You may also spot they're experiencing pain in their hind legs and even collapsing and fainting. Whisk your cat to the vet immediately. Your pet needs care as soon as possible to avoid the worst possible outcome.

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD)

Maine Coon cats are susceptible to their fair share of inherited health problems, PKD being another. Fluid-filled cysts grow in your pet's kidneys, slowly increasing in size and eventually leading to kidney failure.

Sadly, there's no way of knowing how quickly the disease will progress. If you notice your cat losing weight, drinking and urinating more than before and experiencing nausea and vomiting, take them for a check-up. Your Maine Coon pet insurance will help with emergency vet bills.

Dental disease

This is a common condition in all cat breeds, which is why keeping up with oral health maintenance is so important. Dental health problems can quickly lead to more serious issues, making your pet extremely ill.

Bad breath, not eating properly and sore, red gums all signal something's up and you need to get your pet to the vet. Check the details of your Maine Coon pet insurance policy to see what is and isn't covered when it comes to oral health care. 

Maine Coons are fun, friendly and downright adorable, so it's no wonder you want only the best for your furry friend. As its devoted pet parent, it's your job to give your cat everything they need to lead a happy and healthy life!

Your Maine Coon insurance is there for your pet in an emergency, but here are some tips to care for your cat at home.

Feeding and nutrition

Maine Coons are large cats, so it's no surprise they have an appetite to match! But obesity could lead to further health conditions and see you claiming on your pet insurance, so make sure you don't over-feed. And watch those treats!


They might look laid back but Maine Coons are also high-energy, active pets that need plenty of physical and mental stimulation to stop them from getting bored and even depressed. Switch up your Maine Coon's toys often and provide plenty of climbing and scratching opportunities around your home.


Maine Coons are extremely intelligent and love learning new tricks. If you've got a new kitten, you shouldn't have too much trouble teaching them to use the litter tray and cat flap. Your Maine Coon might even enjoy a good game of fetch if you start young!


You might think your Maine Coon's thick, fluffy coat needs lots of brushing, but it actually boasts a unique design that makes it hard for knots to form. You only need to comb your cat once a week, unless they’re moulting.

Don't forget their teeth, either. Those gnashers need brushing every day or your pet could develop dental disease.

At Purely Pets, every animal is equal, which is why we make sure they all get the chance to enjoy the protection they so truly deserve. With pet insurance plans from 8 weeks old and no upper age limit, every Maine Coon gets the help they need in an emergency.

Take your pick from our 15 levels of protection and get access to our 24-hour vet video calls for when you need help fast. Managing your policy is easy with our online portal and payments are made to your vet directly, so don't need to worry about the finances.

Refer family and friends and when they sign up, you'll get a £15 reward, too!

Don't think twice when it comes to your cat's health. Get in touch with Purely Pets today and give your Maine Coon the protection they deserve.

Compared to other cats, Maine Coons are low maintenance. Their coat needs a weekly brush and they enjoy plenty of exercise, but that laid back, sweet nature makes them wonderful family members.

There's no one price fits all when it comes to pet insurance for your pedigree cat. Pet insurance companies calculate your premiums based on various factors:

  • Your cat's size, age and breed
  • Whether they have any pre-existing conditions
  • How much cover you need
  • Where you live

You might be able to reduce your pet insurance premiums by:

  • Staying up to date with routine pet care meaning your cat is less likely to develop health conditions that result in claims
  • Paying a higher excess*

Get in touch with our team today to see if these changes could lower the price you pay for your pet insurance policy.

Whether you own a pedigree Maine Coon or a mixed breed moggy, get a quick quote for cat insurance today.

*Please be mindful that if you do need to claim, the contribution amount will be higher