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Looking for lifetime cover for your Persian? Choose specialist cat insurance from Purely Pets to give it the protection it deserves.

Your perfectly pampered Persian cat is an important family member, that's why it needs protection from the pros.

Here at Purely Pets, we offer 15 levels of lifetime pet insurance to choose from. To find the right policy for you and your Persian, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Award-winning pet insurance for Persian cats

We care about your precious Persian as much as you, so we've made it our top priority to give it the protection it deserves. The process of insuring your cat quick and simple when you come to Purely Pets.

Persian cat insurance benefits at a glance:

  • Lifetime cover up to £15,000
  • 15 levels of lifetime protection
  • Online portal for easy policy management
  • Payments made direct to your vet
  • 24-hour vet video calls
  • No age limit for seniors
  • Refer friends and family bonus
  • Excess starting from £80

All about Persian cats

Persian cats are a medium-sized, long-haired breed with a round head, small, rounded ears, and big, beautiful eyes. They typically have a flat-looking face with chubby cheeks, but "traditional" or "doll-face" Persian cats have pointier features.

These pedigree cats have a sturdy body and thick, solid legs, which can often be seen hanging over the side of the couch while they relax. They are affectionate and enjoy a bit of fuss, but don't usually demand constant attention. They can be a little reserved around new people until they get to know them.

Persian cats are docile, but don't be surprised if your kitty suddenly switches from sitting in the sun to darting around your living room. They're playful and a fun addition to any family, curling up on your lap for a snuggle in the evening.

Unfortunately, their luscious long fur and proud-looking squashed faces are also some of the reasons why they suffer from various health issues. The breed is predisposed to various conditions like breathing difficulties, heart disease and haircoat disorder, which can cost a hefty sum to treat over their lifetime.

That's why protecting your Persian with pet insurance from the moment you bring them home is essential.

Persian cat facts

Lifespan: 12-16 years

Size: 10-15 inches (25-38 cm)

Weight: 3-5.5 kg

Colours: Large variety of patterns and coat colour, including blue, chocolate, black, lilac, smoke, tabby, tortoiseshell and cream

Appearance: Flat face, long coat, chubby cheeks, small, round ears and big eyes

Personality: Sweet natured, independent and playful

Exercise: 15-30 minutes a day minimum

Want to find out more about our Persian Cat Insurance/Cat Insurance Product? 

We’ve listed our key benefits below and you can also take a look at our cover levels, customer reviews and awards.

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Why choose Purely Pets

24/7 Free Video Calls with a Vet

24/7 Free Video Calls with a Vet

There’s no upper age limit

There’s no upper age limit

Easy online claims process

Easy online claims process

Payments made direct to vet

Payments made direct to vet

15 levels of Lifetime cover

15 levels of Lifetime cover

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Flexible Excess Options

Flexible Excess Options

Manage your policy online

Manage your policy online

Award winning Pet Insurance

Award winning Pet Insurance

What are the benefits of cat insurance cover?

We love cats as much as you do and hold a wealth of experience when it comes to insuring your feline friends, which is why Persian cat owners choose us to protect their pets. We understand that such a special breed needs the best protection and offer prices and policies to fit every cat and its parent.

15 policy levels

We know that no two Persians are the same, which is why we give you the choice of protection level to fit your needs and budget.

Lifetime cover up to £15,000

Contact Purely Pets today and cover vet fees from £1,000-£15,000.

No age limit for older cats

Need to protect your geriatric mog? With no restrictions when it comes to your senior cat's age, get the cover they deserve with us.

Payments made directly to vets

Arranging payments with your vet can be a hassle when making a claim. Let us do the hard work by liaising directly with your vet to pay the bills.

Easy online policy management

Our user-friendly portal makes it easy to access your policy and make a claim at a time that suits you.

24/7 vet video calls

Access a 24/7 vet video consultation service to get advice regarding your Persian come day or night.

Refer friends and family

Are your family or friends looking for specialist pet insurance for their furry friend? Refer them to us, and you both get £15!

What's not covered?

Whether you choose the most basic policy or comprehensive lifetime cover, there are always a few routine treatments that aren't covered by insurance companies:

  • Flea and worming treatments
  • Neutering
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Grooming
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Accidents and illnesses that happen in the initial waiting period

When you choose to bring a Persian cat into your life, you need to be prepared to budget for non-emergency treatments like those mentioned above. If you're struggling to manage the costs, speak to your vet about a pet health plan to spread the costs evenly throughout the year. This way, you make sure your cat has everything it needs to live its best life.

The Purely Pet Promise

At Purely, we’re here to support you. That’s why we offer a 24 Hour Vet Helpline free of charge to all of our customers. Our easy to use online portal ‘Manage My Policy’, enables you to access to your policy 24hrs a day. This provides greater flexibility, allowing you to manage your policy at a time that suits you, so that you can spend more time with your furry friends, and less time managing your insurance. Get a quote

Our Cat insurance cover levels

As award winning pet insurance specialists we’ve designed 15 cover levels to give you the freedom to choose the right level of cover for you and your cat. Just click the options below to find out more.

Why do Persian owners choose Purely Pets?

At Purely Pets, every cat and dog is equal, which is why we believe they all deserve the best protection through every stage of life, no matter their breed, age or size. We cover kittens from as young as 8 weeks and have no upper age limit for golden oldies, so even the most senior mog can get the care it really deserves.

Choose from our 15 levels of lifetime protection and access our 24/7 vet video service whenever your cat needs help. Managing your insurance policy is easy with our online portal, allowing you to make a claim in minutes. We make payments direct to your vet of choice and give you £15 for every friend you refer, too!

So, why wait any longer to give your loyal companion the award-winning protection they deserve? Contact Purely Pets and cover your cat today.

Get a quick quote today

Are you the proud owner of this popular breed and looking for specialist protection? Getting a quote is easy. Simply complete our online form or call 0330 102 5748 to speak to our friendly team of experts.

We'll let you know exactly what you need to get started and answer any queries you have about how our lifetime protection works.

To insure your Persian cat through every stage of its life, get in touch today.

Customer reviews

We’re committed to improving our Pet Insurance products wherever possible, which is why feedback from our customers is so important to us. We’re incredibly proud of our Excellent Trustpilot rating and you can read the latest reviews from our fantastic customers below.

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Find out more

You can find out more about our Cat Insurance product below and there’s more help available on our FAQs page.

Just like all cat breeds, no two Persians are the same, which is why an insurance provider will consider various factors when calculating your cat insurance premiums:

  • How much cover you need
  • The excess you agree to
  • Your pet's age
  • Whether it's been neutered
  • Where you live

At Purely Pets, we only provide lifetime cover for Persians, so they can get the best protection in an emergency. Choose from our 15 policy levels to find the right one for you and your cat.

Don't let cat insurance costs put you off protecting your mischievous mog. We've got a few ways you can save money on your premiums:

  • Choose to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim.
  • Insure more than one pet with us.

Find out how much these steps can help you reduce your premiums by contacting the Purely Pets team today.

Personality-wise, Persians are a wonderful choice for first-time cat owners. They're smart, sociable, very affectionate and great around children.

However, their need for regular grooming to keep them tangle-free can be very time-consuming, so you'll need to make sure you have enough time to care for them properly.

Compared to other cat breeds, Persians are pretty high maintenance. Their long hair requires daily grooming to avoid nasty tangles and hairballs causing your cat pain and warranting vet visits.

Persian cats' true origin is a bit of a mystery, but it's commonly believed they came from Persia to Europe in the 17th century and were instantly prized for their beautiful coat and facial features that set them apart from other felines at the time.

Just like a microchip or pre-existing conditions, vaccinations are never covered by pet insurance. These are routine treatments all Persian owners need to budget for when they first get their pet.

If your cat were to fall ill due to something that could have been prevented by a vaccine, the treatment also won't be covered.

Your playful Persian is the perfect companion, entertaining the family in the day before cuddling up on your lap after dinner. What better way to reciprocate their unconditional love than by giving them everything they need to live each day to the fullest?

Here are the essentials of caring for your pedigree cat.

Food and nutrition

This cat breed needs plenty of protein, a bit of fat and minimal carbs to keep it fit and healthy. Weigh out your pet's meals. Too much food can quickly lead to obesity, especially in indoor cats, causing further health problems down the line.

Make sure the meals you make are also age appropriate. Got a kitten and an older cat? Feed them separately to make sure they don't share food.


One of the biggest tasks of owning this favourite breed of Queen Victoria is the daily grooming. Carefully brush their luscious locks with a wide-tooth stainless steel comb or grooming glove to remove matts and tangles for at least 5 minutes. Outdoor cats need even more combing to make sure there's no grime trapped in their thick coat.

Your daily grooming routine doesn't stop there. Carefully wipe eyes and ears with a damp cloth to avoid the build-up of dirt and help your cat get to those hard-to-reach places – this isn't as easy for flat-faced breeds as other cats.

Persians need a bath every two or three months so stop their coat from becoming greasy. If you're not comfortable bathing your pet at home, it's worth taking it to a professional groomer who'll make sure their fur remains tangle-free after getting wet.


Although this breed does display the occasional burst of energy by hunting your empty crisp packet or rolling all over the floor, your Persian likes nothing more than chilling about the house. That doesn't mean they don't need plenty of exercise, though. Provide fun toys and climbing opportunities for your feline friend to stay active.


This breed is highly intelligent, so training Persians is fairly straightforward. You can teach them to use the litter tray and cat flap from a young age and they'll soon pick up what is and isn't allowed in your home.

This breed may display some irresistible features, like its gorgeous long hair and squished face, but they can also cause serious health conditions down the line. As a Persian owner, it's your job to be aware of the potential risks and how to spot them to help make your cat's life the best it can be.

Here are a few of the most common medical concerns in the Persian cat breed.

Hip dysplasia

This problem usually arises while your Persian cat is still a kitten and causes the ball and socket to misalign and become loose. Affected cats will experience pain and difficulty moving about but are usually able to live a normal life with proper weight management and pain control.

Brachycephalic airway obstruction

Sometimes known as brachycephalic upper airway obstruction, this condition is caused by your cat's short, flat snout. Their face might look adorable, but it means they suffer from small nostrils, jaw deformities and a small soft palate, leaving your cat struggling to breathe.

Unfortunately, selective breeding over the years is the reason for this condition, but your vet can help you manage it. If your Persian becomes breathless very easily, it might need surgery.

Autosomal dominant polycystic disease

Affecting all mammals, polycystic kidney disease (PKD) causes fluid-filled cysts to develop slowly over time in the kidneys and occasionally other organs, like the pancreas and liver. These Persian cats live a normal life, and the problem can go unnoticed for years until they eventually suffer from kidney failure. If the vet spots polycystic kidney disease during a visit, you may be able to manage it with medication.

Progressive retinal atrophy

This is a genetic eye issue which causes blindness over time. You can get genetic testing to check your Persian's eyes for the disease, but you can also look out for signs of progressive retinal atrophy like your cat being nervous in the dark or bumping into objects when the light is low. Speak to your vet at the first sign of eye issues.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Causing your cat's heart muscle to become unusually thick, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy reduces the volume of blood pumped around the body. If you notice extreme tiredness or fainting, get your cat to the vet quickly. The prognosis of Persians with the condition is variable, with many living a full and happy life with frequent vet trips and treatment.

Dental issues

Similar to all felines, Persians are at risk of common oral health conditions, like gingivitis, but this cat breed is more prone to these problems due to dental malocclusion. Your cat's shortened jaw means they often suffer from teeth overcrowding, so daily brushing is essential to stay on top of oral hygiene and prevent costly dental treatment.

Finding the right cat insurance for your beloved mog is important but it can be difficult with all the jargon involved. Need some help understanding the levels of protection? We've got you covered.

  • Lifetime pet insurance: Protect your Persian year after year with this comprehensive, ongoing cover. We'll pay your vet fees up to a certain amount and reinstate it every 12 months.
  • Maximum benefit cat insurance: Get cover for each health problem or accident up to a fixed figure, and once reached, your pet is no longer protected.
  • Time-limited cover: This policy works in the same way as maximum benefit but covers each condition for a specific period and amount.
  • Accident-only pet insurance: Cover your pet against injuries from an accident. If they fall ill, you won't be protected and will need to pay the vet bills yourself.

At Purely Pets, we believe all Persians are equal and deserve the best protection to keep them happy and healthy, which is why we only offer lifetime policies. To select the right level for your cat, contact our helpful team on 0330 102 5748 or fill out our online form today.

Cats are agile and great at bouncing back on all paws, but that doesn't mean they can't get injured or suddenly fall ill. As a responsible pet parent, it's your job to make sure it gets the care it deserves in an emergency, which means investing in lifetime cat insurance cover.

Here are three reasons why specialist pet insurance is so important.

1. Veterinary treatment can be costly

Like many pedigree cats, Persians are at risk of various medical conditions, which sometimes need lengthy treatment and even surgery. Across a lifetime, the vet bills can soon mount up, especially if your feline friend suffers from ongoing conditions.

With a cat insurance policy in place, you don't need to worry about unexpected vet fees and ensure your Persian cat gets the medical care it needs to get back to its playful self.

2. Your Persian deserves the best care

Worrying about when and where your cat will get the care it needs is the last thing you want in an emergency. With a Purely Pets lifetime policy, we organise the financial side with your chosen vet, so you can get your pet help fast.

3. Get cover before a problem develops

Whether you keep your cat indoors or let it roam free outside, your Persian longhair can develop an illness at any stage of its life. If your cat falls ill, you'll find it increasingly difficult to find pet insurance cover, and if you do, it won't include any pre-existing medical conditions, meaning you'll still need to pay for the veterinary treatment yourself.

To avoid finding yourself in a tough situation like this, cover your cat with insurance while it's still happy and healthy. Finding it tough to get cover for your cat? Here at Purely Pets, we insure kittens from just 8 weeks old and have no upper age limit for greying mogs.