5 places where your cat can get stuck indoors

A cat laying under a table hiding

Cats are incredible creatures. They boast lightning fast speeds, incredible hearing and amazing sight – they even have the ability to fall asleep almost anywhere! But one of their most fascinating traits is being able to squeeze into even the tiniest nooks and crannies.

While this can be funny to see, there are risks that come with your kitty squishing themselves into minute spaces. 

According to Cats Protection, 31% of cats live exclusively indoors, so let’s take a look at some of the most common places around the home your cat might try to squeeze themselves into.

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Why do cats like small spaces?

While we humans love curling up in bed, cats feel the same sense of security and protection by squashing themselves into tiny spaces.

This behaviour is quite natural and instinctive. Small spaces mean security. This is where your cat can hide from predators, protect themselves from the elements, or simply take a nap – cats do sleep up to 15 hours a day after all.

In short, the smaller the space, the less chance of a predator attacking them and the more chance they’ve got to have 40 winks in a nice warm, cosy place without being disturbed.

The majority of times if they got themselves in, they’ll be able to get themselves out again. But on the odd occasion, they may need their human housemates to step in and give them a helping hand.

So where are some of the most common places your kitty could get trapped?

The fridge

Does your cat know your fridge equals tasty treats? Your cat could easily jump into your fridge when you’ve got your back turned deciding what to have for dinner. If the door then closes you’ll have one cool kitty for all the wrong reasons!

A fridge wit its door open in a dark kitchen

The tumble dryer

Cats love to be warm – they’ll find the sunniest spot on windowsills or snuggle into the warmest spot on your bed. Another source of cosy, yet potentially dangerous heat, could be your tumble dryer. Always make sure your dryer is cat-free before switching on for another load – a quick spin in the dryer could result in a long stay at the vets!

The oven

If your cats love looking for tasty morsels, make sure your oven door is secure before you share out those leftovers. Cats, even kittens, will be able to hop up into an open oven but if the door swings shut they won’t be able to escape without your help.

The kitchen cupboards

Curious cats love jumping up high. And if you have trouble keeping your kitty off the kitchen worktop you might also find them exploring inside your cupboards, too. If your cat gets stuck behind a cupboard it’s best to try to tempt them out with treats for a while first.

Attempting to grab their head and neck with your hand could lead to a nasty bite for you and potential injuries for your cat as they struggle to escape. Cat insurance can help cover the costs of any emergency treatment your puss might need.

The chimney

As we know, cats love to jump and climb and explore dark places but what if that place is your open chimney? At best, they’ll come out safe but sooty; at worst you may have to break into your fireplace to reach them.

If they get really stuck then the RSPCA may be able to help retrieve them. But more complex rescues might have to be done by the fire brigade themselves. It’s a good idea to block off any unused chimney breasts with a piece of wood so cats can’t find a way through.

Remember, if your cat does become stuck in one of these places, try to stay calm. If they’ve been trapped for a considerable amount of time, they may be cold, tired, hungry and aggressive so don’t take any risks.

If you’re going to try to rescue them yourself, make sure you protect your hands and arms against bites and scratches with gloves or a thick towel.

Cats can hurt themselves if they fall from a great height. So, if your cat has suffered a fall, take them to the vet straight away.

Similarly, if you suspect broken bones the Blue Cross suggests you should not attempt to apply a splint yourself as this can cause further damage. Lift the cat gently into a padded carrier and take them to the vet as quickly as possible.

Two chimneys on the roof of a house against a starry sky

Where else might cats get trapped?

That’s just five places where your puss might find itself in a precarious position, but there are lots of others.

For flat-dwelling cats, they may become stuck on high balconies. Fearless felines have also been known to get trapped in the rafters of loft spaces. And don’t forget about that favourite pastime – climbing trees.

Cats may be able to climb onto the highest boughs but getting down is a different story. That’s because their retractable claws and strong hind legs are perfect for climbing up but not so useful for getting back down to earth.

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