6 of the best dog breeds for single people

A woman and her dog sitting alone on a jetty looking out to sea

Living alone can sometimes be tough but having a faithful friend of the four-legged variety will always help. Are you looking for a dog to snuggle up with on those cold winter nights? Or maybe a pooch to take on a stroll around town and help you meet new people?

Whether you’re in need of some home security, or someone to greet you whenever you walk through the door, there’s a dog that’s just right for you.

While we’d argue that pretty much any dog would make a great addition to single life, here are six breeds we think are worth a closer look!

Whatever breed you pick, having the right insurance for your pet in place means your forever friend will be well taken care of throughout your life together.

Key questions when choosing a dog

Everyone has a different lifestyle and different needs, so there won’t be one dog breed that’s best for all singletons.

And if you happen to be living alone, whether for the short or the long term, there are a few things to consider before choosing a dog to share your home.

An older lady sitting on the ground hugging her Labrador whilst out on a walk

How much time do you spend away?

If you have to work long hours away from home or have a busy social life then you’ll need to consider how much training and attention you can give to them.

Some breeds hate being left alone and can suffer from separation anxiety. And if you don’t have anyone else to help out then, you’ll be left with one unhappy pup.

How much exercise does the dog need?

While some chilled-out breeds are happy to snuggle and just need a couple of short walks a day, other more playful breeds will require more exercise.

If you aren’t outdoorsy or you don’t have much space to roam in your garden then this needs to be kept in mind.

What are you looking for in a doggy companion?

Really think about what you’re looking for from your new dog. For example, if you like everything neat and tidy then a pooch who loves getting wet and dirty might not be for you.

Dogs live for a long time and require a lot of love and attention. So, pick a dog that’s truly suited to your needs.

Which is the best breed for you?

From dogs to make you feel safe to dogs to make you feel loved, there are many breeds suited to single life.

Best for protection – German Shepherd

For those looking for a loyal, intelligent dog for security then the German Shepherd is a great choice.

With their large size, deep bark and reputation among the military and police, they would make any potential criminal think more than twice! They’re sure to make you feel safer when home alone or on walks at night.

A German Shepherd sitting panting in-front of a forested area

Best for low maintenance - French Bulldog

Living alone means any dog-related duties will fall on your shoulders alone. That’s why the good-tempered French Bulldog who requires minimal grooming, barks infrequently, and has a take-it-or-leave-it approach to exercise is a good choice.

While they’ll bond very closely with you, if you train them well they’ll be happy left alone with their toys for a couple of hours while you’re out. They really will fit in just about anywhere, with anyone.

Best for cuddles – Greyhound

These speedy canines may be best known for their racing potential, but there’s a lot more to them than that. Greyhounds are friendly, laid-back pooches and don’t require as much exercise as you might think.

And with such a short coat you can snuggle up without fear of your clothes becoming covered in hair.

Best for travel – Yorkshire Terrier

Travelling is a great way to get out and meet people and ‘Yorkies’ are the perfect fit for this. They not only love to cuddle they also don’t mind being carried around.

Whether on a long train journey or just popping out on a few errands, their small size means you’ll never be left alone.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad then speak with your pet insurance provider to check your dog is covered for foreign travel.

A Yorkshire Terrier running head on in a field on a sunny day

Best for meeting people – Labrador Retriever

Not only are Labrador Retrievers extremely loving dogs but they’re also great with strangers, too.

These goofy, happy pups are always excited to meet new people and potential friends wherever you go.

If you're looking to strike up a conversation with that attractive dog walker in the park, a Lab will make it a whole lot easier!

Best for beating loneliness – Border Collie

The smartest breed in the dog world, these devoted and friendly companions will motivate and inspire you to get moving even when you don't feel like it.

There’s no chance of you turning into a recluse with this dog at home! If you want a fitness partner, the Collie could be it.

Meet your potential pooches

The only way to really know which breed is a good fit for you is to spend some time meeting them.

Go to a local dog show and speak to owners about their dogs, they’ll be only too happy to tell you about personality traits, training and potential health problems.

For a fun day out why not attend an event like Crufts or Discover Dogs? Choosing the right dog is such an important decision it’s wise not to rush.

Purchasing a puppy

If you’re looking for a specific breed and are up for the challenge of a puppy then you’ll need to check out assured dog breeders near you.

But don’t discount a rescue dog or crossbreeds. An important benefit of considering a rescue dog is that you can meet them in person and get to know them before taking them home.

Older pooches may also be easier to live with if you’re new to dog ownership. But whatever age of dog you buy, make sure they’re protected with pet insurance.

A person cradling a puppy French Bulldog

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