A day in the life of a Joii Vet

Vet holding a dog and a cat

Hello, fellow animal enthusiasts! I’m Jennifer and I have been proudly working at Joii for nearly 4 years.

I was drawn to Joii because of their mission to make pet care affordable and accessible for all pet owners. And because they are trying to improve the well-being of people working in pet health care. 

Join me for a peek behind the scenes, where every day is a new adventure in pet care innovation!


I kick-start my day at 8am (after a large steaming mug of coffee) with online consultations. My consultation shift usually lasts 4 hours, where every ring of the virtual bell brings a new furry friend in need.

At Joii, we tackle pet care challenges big or small - almost 70% of pet care issues are resolved with a Joii video consultation!

Today, one of my calls was for a young Labrador that had suspected kennel cough, a condition that can be easily treated from home if the symptoms are mild. Another of my calls was for a cat experiencing sudden sickness.

There are many different causes of vomiting in cats, but with a few checks, we established that this patient was otherwise healthy and opted to monitor and feed a special diet for a few days, hoping for a swift recovery.

From itchy cats to mischievous puppies who eat things they shouldn’t, every call is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of pets and their people. 

After a whirlwind of consultations, it’s time for the virtual weekly content meeting with my fellow writers and the brilliant marketing team.

Together, we reflect on the successes of the past week, chat about what worked well, and make sure we’re on track with any urgent or seasonal content.

It’s a collaborative but laid-back meeting that keeps us aligned and hopeful about what’s to come. 


One of the many benefits of remote working is being able to have a productive yet relaxing lunch break.

After a nutritious home-cooked meal, there is still plenty of time to soak up some vitamin D while taking my four-legged-friend for a stroll. 


Fuelled by good food and fresh air, I dive into an afternoon filled with content creation.

My tasks range from researching new articles to uploading finished ones or reviewing the work of my fellow writers.

With over 250 articles and counting, every article finished is a step closer to our vision of creating a comprehensive database that provides pet owners with accurate, practical, and professional advice.

 You can find our website here: https://www.joiipetcare.com/conditions/

In our dynamic work environment, each week brings unique opportunities and efforts to grow and elevate our expertise, all playing a critical role in ensuring we can provide useful and up-to-date advice to pet owners.

This can include a full clinical team meeting, journal clubs and continued professional development talks (on subjects like behavior or nutrition).

And it’s not all business; our virtual coffee breaks provide an opportunity for informal chats with colleagues from all areas of the business, creating moments that strengthen the bond of our “work family.” 

As the workday draws to a close around 5 or 6 in the evening, I’m filled with a sense of purpose and fulfilment as I reflect on the day.

It’s wonderful to be able to help pets and their owners, especially those who struggle in traditional vet practice settings.

We strongly believe that every pet deserves the very best care. 

And there you have it - a snapshot of a day in the life of a Joii vet.

Until tomorrow, when the adventure begins again!

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