Do our furry friends feel the cold?

Do our furry friends feel the cold?

With the arrival of colder weather, we may ask ourselves, do our furry friends feel the cold? Some people believe that our pets don’t feel the cold like pet parents just because they have a warm furry coat. But is this really the case?   

Many of our furry friends will naturally increase the volume of their coats for the cold season ahead but still, sometimes this is not enough. There are certain breeds as well as younger and older pets that are particularly susceptible to cold weather. A common sign that your pet might be feeling the cold is if they are trembling or shivering. You can also tell by feeling their ears, if they are cold to the touch, particularly on the tips, this can be a sign that they need a little extra help keeping warm. 

We know that our pets love to snuggle but with the colder weather you may find that they are cuddling into warmer spaces, avoiding cold tiled floors and choose to rest in places with carpets, or in their warm bed.

Here are our top tips to take care of your pet in the cold weather:

  • Keep your pet inside on particularly cold days, especially if they usually sleep outside. We know that this is not always possible with our feline friends!
  • Provide a warm soft bed that they can curl up in
  • Outdoor clothing may be suitable for some pets, especially younger or senior ones or ones that have thinner coats
  • Take care of their coat. It may seem counter-intuitive to brush out your pets fur, however brushed fur renews faster, which actually offers greater protection
  • For cats, if you haven’t already got one, consider installing a cat flap. This allows your pet to come home themselves when the temperature drops or the bad weather arrives

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