Halloween Risks

Halloween Dog

While Halloween can be lots of fun for kids and adults, it can quite stressful and even dangerous for our pets. Halloween hazards can be very easy to miss or overlook and can potentially land your pet in hot water – so in this article, we will look at some of the potential problems that can arise on Halloween, and how to keep your pets safe and comfortable. Read on to learn more.
Look out for Halloween treats!

Treats can be easily sneaked out or given to pets by children. The most hazardous treats to look out for are:

  • Raisins (often given in mini boxes as a healthy treat, raisins can be life threatening to your pet even in small amounts).

  • Chocolate (milk, dark chocolate is poisonous to dogs and cats).

  • Candies can have xylitol (a poisonous form of sugar).

  • Candy wrappers with foil and cellophane are considered foreign objects that can get stuck in their stomachs or gut resulting in severe complications.

  • Glow sticks are often seen as very fun for cats. Although their content is not usually life threatening, they can cause drooling, foaming and pain in the mouth.

For instructions on what to do if your pet eats any of these, contact your vet immediately. Waiting more than 30 minutes to act can result in severe complications! You can also contact the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) for more information https://www.vpisglobal.com/ or call 01202 509 000.

Don't forget to have your pet wearing identification!

During this time of the year make sure your pet’s ID tag, microchip or collar is up to date in case your pet gets lost.

There are a few factors that contribute for pets going missing during this time of the year:

  • Doors being open often increases the chance of pets escaping. 

  • Pets that fear new people, noises (kids running around, playing and even fireworks) can be a trigger to escape.

  • Even if your dog is used to kids and people around, during Halloween it is highly recommended that you keep them on the lead or even indoors.

Anxious pets may need more care and attention during this time

Things you can do to minimise your pet’s stress during this time:

  • Walk them only during the day.

  • Try to do a long walk that evening to tire them out at night-time.

  • Provide a place that they can hide and feel comfortable away from noise or too much activity.

  • You may also consider talking to your vets about a one-off sedative to help them be calm during that night. 

Halloween decorations hazards

With new decorations in the house your pet may find them also exciting and start scavenging around. Foreign bodies can get stuck in the stomach or guts and cause severe complications. But things like candles can also cause severe problems. Pets can get burned easily by exploring the new objects in the house. So put your fun decorations in a safe place away from your pets.

Dress up your pets carefully!

Most pets don't enjoy dressing up in scary costumes like we do. Costumes can make pets feel stressed and uncomfortable.

If your pet doesn't mind too much enjoy the fun while still following some safely guides:

  • Make sure the costume fits properly and is comfortable.

  • It doesn’t interfere with your pet’s sight, hearing, breathing, movement, or mouth.

  • Does not contain any parts that can be chewed off or choked on.

Source: Carolina Paz for Joii

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