Only half of cats receive regular veterinary care

Many cats are missing out on routine visits to the vet, according to research by Royal Canin.

In a survey of almost 2,000 cat owners in the UK and Ireland, conducted before the Covid-19 pandemic, the pet food maker found that 43% of all cats had not seen a vet within the last year and 11% had never been to the vet.

The main reason owners didn’t take their cat to the vet more often was because their pet appeared to be healthy and therefore didn’t need medical attention.

However, the findings suggest that large numbers of cats are missing out on regular health checks and annual vaccinations.

John O’Connor, vet and corporate affairs director at Royal Canin, pointed out that cats are very good at hiding when they feel unwell.

“A cat will often only show signs when a disease has reached an advanced stage. This stoicism can mean that cats often suffer in silence,” he said.

“Taking your cat for regular check-ups can detect any problems far earlier. Preventative veterinary bills are also likely to be cheaper than treating the illness once it has become more serious.”

The second biggest barrier to more regular visits to the vet was cost. Although almost half of the cat owners surveyed had pet insurance, almost a quarter said that cost prevented them from taking their cat to the vet more often.

Another 13% of owners said that the stress of veterinary visits for their cats put them off making more frequent trips to the vet. Don't leave it to chance, secure furry friend's health with cat insurance.

If they were unable to take their cat to the vet, 40% of owners said they would arrange for a vet home visit, 29% would search for information online and 26% would turn to friends and family for advice.

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