Pet owners will share their beds with pets to feel safe

Pet owners will share their beds with pets to feel safe

Do you allow your pets to share your bedroom — and your bed?

A new study of 2,000 cat and dog owners in the UK by pet wellbeing specialist has found that two thirds will snuggle up with their pet at night — and three in 10 of those say they like the feeling of security they get from having them there.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter (27%) said that lying next to their cat or dog helps them feel less alone, and 37% like the warmth from their pets’ furry bodies.

“What’s clear is that sharing the bed with our pets is a normal part of our lives together and testament to the strength of the increasingly co-dependent bond between us and our cats and dogs.” Commented animal behaviourist Professor Peter Neville.

“For us, the main element of that bedroom relationship is based on comfort, enjoyment, touch, shared warmth and increased feelings of security for many dog owners especially.”

While both cats and dogs show independent behaviour at times, when it comes to cuddling up at night they get the comfort and security of being close to a parent figure, Professor Neville added.

He went on to explain that, when choosing their sleeping position on the bed, our pets are broadly seeking to maintain and enhance their close protecting bond with us, rather than any desire to control us or monopolise territory.

“But they do cleverly learn to use their appeal and warm benefits they bring to us to train us to meet their individual night-time needs and desires and to shift our sleeping habits to accommodate theirs,” he added.

In the survey, 41% of owners said their pet is generally a ‘considerate’ bed-sharer.

More than half even think their pet is easier to share a bed with than their human partner.

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