Researchers trial new calorie-rich food for cats with cancer

Researchers trial new calorie-rich food for cats with cancer

A new study is looking at how nutrition can affect quality of life for cats living with cancer.

Vet-tech company Vet-AI has partnered with a leading pet food manufacturer to trial a new calorie-rich complete food prepared specifically for cats with different types of cancer.

The study will take place over a 10-week period to see if this special diet can help keep cats eating and stop them losing weight.

Owners of the 30 cats taking part in the research will be provided with the cat food, weighing scales and regular calls with vets via Vet-AI’s digital vet care app, Joii Pet Care.

“The aim of the study is to see if food can help cats to maintain body weight and appetite while measuring their quality of life through the process,” explained vet Sheila Smith, leader of the research project. “Our RCVS-registered vet team will help owners to transition to the new food over a controlled period of time and will be on hand for consultations throughout.”

Smith added: “By taking part, owners will be helping their cat, and hopefully many more that have a cancer diagnosis in the future. The food has been designed to be really tasty which encourages them to eat, it’s calorie-rich with essential nutrition and is designed specifically to support their needs.”

As a thank you for taking part in the study, owners will be given a £100 Amazon gift voucher and will continue to receive the study food for free until it’s commercially available, as well as free Joii vet consultations whenever they need one.

See the Joii Pet Care website for more information about the study.

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