Safely letting your cat out for the first time

Cats are naturally independent and love to explore outside. Letting your cat out for the first time can be a little scary our vet helpline nurses have some advice for that first adventure.

Here are our top 5 things to consider before letting your cat outside…


  1. Microchip – Make sure your pet is easily identified. A quick release collar with an ID tag and having your cat microchipped will help should they stray a little too far from home.
  2. Age – Adult cats need at least 2 weeks to settle into a new home environment before being allowed safely outside. Kittens should be over 5 months and neutering needs to be considered first to avoid unwanted litters or roaming.
  3. Recall – Practice calling their name - use treats as a reward this can help make it a fun activity.
  4. Routine – Try letting your cat out before giving them food, after a short time of exploring call them in for feeding. Repeat this over a few days. This gradually helps build a routine and confidence.
  5. Access – Providing clear access in and out helps provide reassurance and habit for cats. A cat flap or open access point offer security.

Cats can enjoy a life of habit and will develop a comfortable routine.  Allowing access to explore and enjoy the outside helps with enrichment, exercise, interaction and stimulation all vital to supporting our cats’ lives.