Top puppy and kitten names of 2022

Dog and Cat

Pets at Home has revealed the top ten puppy and kitten names of 2022, with the same name — Luna — topping both lists.

It’s the third year running that Luna (meaning ‘moon’ in Latin) has taken the top spot for both canine and feline companions. There was also no change in second place, with Bella remaining the second most popular name for new puppies and Milo still the runner-up for new kittens.

Names that have grown in popularity over the last year include Nala, which climbed from sixth place to third for kitten names, while Willow knocked Bailey off tenth place to make this year’s list of top puppy names.

The pet products retailer compiled the list using data from its VIP Puppy & Kitten Club, which provides advice and exclusive offers to new pet owners.

Dr Karlien Heyrman, head of pets at Pets at Home, said: “Welcoming a new pet into the home is a really exciting time and choosing a name for your new family member can be a big decision.

There are no set rules, but I’d try to avoid names that sound similar to other members of your household or like commands. Names that are short, sweet and easily recognisable will also help with getting your puppy or kitten to be responsive when called.”

If you’re looking for more inspiration for puppy and kitten names, try the Pets at Home Pet Name Finder.

Top 10 puppy names in 2022

  1. Luna

  2. Bella

  3. Teddy

  4. Milo

  5. Lola

  6. Coco

  7. Daisy

  8. Poppy

  9. Buddy

  10. Willow

Top 10 kitten names in 2022

  1. Luna

  2. Milo

  3. Nala

  4. Simba

  5. Bella

  6. Loki

  7. Coco

  8. Willow

  9. Oreo

  10. Leo

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