Training our furry friends

Training our furry friends

Training for our pets is so important, it’s rewarding and a great way to bond with your furry friend. Teaching our furry family basic obedience - such as sit, wait and coming back when called - gives them the freedom to do the things they like to do, while being safe and under control. The benefits of training will improve both your pet’s life and the pet parents lives too as our furry friends grow.

We've teamed up with Clinical Animal Behaviourist ‘Rosie Bescoby’ to create a series of five short videos on helpful dog training and care tips.


The Good Behaviour Series Dog Training Videos


If you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy into your home, this can be one of the most exciting – and most daunting – things you’ve done. As with many things in life, preparation is key.

That’s why we’ve compiled this fact-filled, practical guide to help you navigate puppyhood with ease.

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Ultimate Guide to House Training Your Puppy


Top training tips:

  • Minimise distractions - start training in a quiet area of your home away from any distractions
  • Make training sessions short but regular so your furry friend isn't overwhelmed
  • Be patient – like humans, our furry friends will all learn at different rates so don't worry if your pet doesn't pick things up straight away
  • Reward your furry friend – this can be praise, a toy, piece of food or a treat. Being rewarded will mean they are likely to do it again
  • Always end with a command your furry friend knows, so the session finishes positively

Most of all, have fun!

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