Welcome to ’The Good Behaviour Series’ Dog Training Videos

We've teamed up with Clinical Animal Behaviourist ‘Rosie Bescoby’ to create a series of five short videos on helpful dog training and care tips. Rosie has a wealth of experience through working with veterinary practices across the UK to support owners experiencing behavioural difficulties with their pets.

Do you need help taking control on walks? Have a dog that’s fond of chewing your furniture? Or are you simply wanting a better understanding of your beloved pets body language to help identify when they are anxious, happy or in pain. ‘The Good Behaviour Series’ training videos are here to help! Our series of educational dog videos will provide valuable information and helpful tips that you can action today.

The topics we cover are: Walking, Separation Anxiety, Chewing, Lying Down and Body Language.

Click a picture below to watch:

Dog chewing training video thumbnail

Dog separation anxiety training video thumbnail

Dog walking training video thumbnail

Dog body language training video thumbnail

Dog lying down training video thumbnail