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Pet Insurance from Purely Pets

We know that your pet plays an important role in your life. They are companions, friends and a part of your family so we understand how important it is to find the right cover for you and your pet’s needs. Purely Pets are specialists.

We have a dedicated team based in the UK who aim to make insuring your pet easy, simple and transparent. We offer a range of Lifetime policies, unlimited 24/7 Video Consultations with a Vet and an online policy management portal which all give you greater flexibility in managing your policy, as well as the opportunity to earn £15 every time you refer a friend or family member.

Select your level of cover

So you've decided to get your pet insured. That's great news! Here at Purely Pets, we offer 15 levels of Lifetime Cover - allowing you to choose the policy that suits your budget and requirements.

5* rating applicable to Cat vet fees £6000+ and Dog vet fees £8000+

The Purely Pet Promise

At Purely, we’re here to support you. That’s why we offer a 24 Hour Vet Helpline free of charge to all of our customers. Our easy to use online portal ‘Manage My Policy’, enables you to access to your policy 24hrs a day. This provides greater flexibility, allowing you to manage your policy at a time that suits you, so that you can spend more time with your furry friends, and less time managing your insurance. Get a quote

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Why choose Purely Pets?

Free 24 hour Vet Helpline for all customers

24 hour Vet Helpline for all customers

There’s no upper age limit

There’s no upper age limit

Easy online claims process

Easy online claims process

Payments made direct to vet

Payments made direct to vet

15 levels of Lifetime cover

15 levels of Lifetime cover

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Lifetime Cover up to £15,000

Flexible Excess Options

Flexible Excess Options

Manage your policy online

Manage your policy online

Award winning Pet Insurance!

Award winning Pet Insurance!

Do I need pet insurance?

Pets can be as much a part of the family as any other member, so you may want to have pet insurance to protect their health. Pet insurance can help to cover the costs of unexpected illnesses, accidents, and other medical treatments, allowing pet owners to give their furry friends the care they need.

Pet insurance may provide financial assistance in the case of more serious and expensive medical procedures such as surgeries, as it can help to cover the costs associated with such treatments.

What type of pet insurance policies can I get?

What you can buy from Purely Pets:

  • Lifetime pet insurance

Lifetime pet insurance is a type of insurance that offers continuous cover and lifelong protection for your pet. This type of insurance covers the cost of medical treatments and procedures, such as check-ups, surgery, and hospitalisation.

Lifetime pet insurance typically includes coverage for illness or injuries that may occur throughout your pet's life, provided the condition has only developed within the period of insurance.

What you can buy from other insurance providers:

  • Accident only pet insurance

Accident only pet insurance is a type of pet insurance that covers veterinary treatment required for injuries caused by accidents. This type of pet insurance provides coverage for medical bills associated with an accident, including hospitalisation, surgery, lab tests, and medications.

  • Maximum benefit pet insurance

Maximum benefit pet insurance provides a financial amount per condition, with no time limit subject to the policy being renewed. Once this financial limit has been reached, then there will be no further cover for that condition.

Maximum benefit pet insurance may cover accidents, illnesses, surgeries, prescriptions, and more but please refer to your policy terms for full conditions for what’s included on your policy.

What does pet insurance at Purely Pet’s cover?

What is covered?

  • Veterinary fees and veterinary treatment: A vet fee is often associated with diagnosing and treating sickness and/or injuries are commonly included in pet insurance plans.
  • Boarding fees: Boarding fees are the charges incurred for the boarding of pets. These fees depend on the type and size of pet, the length of stay and the services provided. Depending on the policy, pet insurance may cover the cost of boarding fees if the pet owner is unable to care for the pet due to an injury, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Third-party liability cover: This coverage applies exclusively to canines and provides cover in the event of your dog causing harm to a person, an animal, or property.
  • Dental cover: At Purely Pets, we provide a dental coverage plan that covers all related expenses for the oral health of your pet, such as treatments, medications and more. In the first year, the cover is exclusive to any accident-related treatment only and from the second year onward, it also covers dental illnesses*. To know more, kindly refer to our policy by clicking the link here.
  • Loss by theft or straying: When deciding on a pet insurance policy, it is a good idea to consider the policy details in order to make sure your policy covers pet theft or straying. It provides cover, should the policy holder need to claim back any advertising costs, a reward or in the worst case scenario the purchase pet does not return. Purely Pets' Gold Lifetime cover offers up to £2,000 for advertising expenses or a reward if the pet is lost due to theft or straying.
  • Death by accident, illness or injury: Pet insurance can offer assurance to pet owners that in the unfortunate event of a pet's passing due to an unexpected illness, accident, or injury, you will be reimbursed up to the policy limits for the purchase price of your pet. **

*Subject to annual health checks

**Death from illness does not apply to dogs aged 9 and over & cats aged 11 and over

What isn't covered?

  • Treatment for pre-existing conditions: Before purchasing pet insurance, any medical issues that a pet may already have need to be taken into consideration.
  • Routine medical treatment: This type of care includes routine check-ups, vaccinations, heart worm tests, flea and tick treatments, routine dental care and laboratory tests carried out for routine and preventative care.
  • Neutering and spaying your pet: Neutering or spaying your pet can be helpful in reducing unwanted pregnancies, aggressive behaviours and reducing the risk of certain diseases.
  • Vaccinations and boosters: Vaccinations are a set of immunisations used to shield pets against a wide range of diseases, viruses, and illnesses. These immunisations give pets a better capacity to oppose infectious diseases and illnesses that may lead to serious, even fatal, health problems.
  • Pregnancy care: Regular visits to the veterinarian can help to identify any potential issues that may arise during the pregnancy.

For more information on what is covered within our pet insurance policies, click here to read our policy documents.

Do I need to pay excess for pet insurance?

Generally, pet insurance policies will require you to pay an excess when making a claim, which is a set amount that you are required to contribute towards the cost of veterinary fees.  Here at Purely Pets, we offer flexible excess options which starts from £80..  

How does my address affect my pet insurance?

Your address can have an effect on the rate of pet insurance premiums that are offered. Depending on the area in which you live, the cost of premiums can vary. Generally, pet insurance premiums are higher in urban areas due to the higher risk of injury or illness that pets may .

For example, in densely populated areas, there may be a higher risk of exposure to communicable diseases. Additionally, the cost of veterinary care may be higher in larger cities due to the high demand for services and cost of living.

On the other hand, pet insurance premiums in rural areas may be lower due to the lower risk of injury or illness based on previous claims and other factors made in the area.

How can I get a quote?

Getting a pet insurance quote is quite simple and straightforward. You will need to provide certain information about yourself and your pet. This includes details such as:

  • Your personal details (name, address and contact information)
  • Your pet's age and breed

To get a pet insurance quote for your furry friend you can get a quote through our website. If you would like to talk to one our pet insurance specialists, you can get in touch with us on 0330 102 5748.

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A veterinary fee is an expense that is associated with the medical care of a pet. It covers the cost of:

  • Vet visits
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostic tests
  • X-Rays
  • Advice

Pet insurance with Purely Pets, can help cover all of these fees.

According to the 2022 Association of British Insurers (ABI) report, in 2021, the average pet insurance claim has increased by £31 to £848.

There are a number of factors that determine how much you pay for pet insurance for your pet dog or cat.

Each pet is different and the cost of pet insurance premiums can vary accordingly. Luckily, there is bound to be a policy offering you just the right cover for your pet.

The cost of pet insurance can vary according to:

- Type of pet insurance policy

- Amount of cover required

- Your pet's size and age

- The breed of your dog or cat

- Health of your pet

- Whether your pet has been neutered or spayed

- Where you (or more specifically, your pet) lives

- How much excess you want to pay (just make sure you can afford the amount you decide on).

When working out premiums for your cat insurance or dog insurance, a pet insurance provider will look at each of these factors and assign a risk rating for each one. The higher the collective risk, the more likely you will make a claim – and the higher your pet insurance premiums will be.

As a rule of thumb, the cheapest pet insurance options are accident only. But these also provide the lowest level of pet insurance cover. At the other end of the scale you have lifetime pet insurance policies, which provide the highest level of protection and give you a range of options should your pet require vet treatment at any time in their lives (providing the pet insurance policy has not lapsed, your policy has been renewed each year, and your premiums have been paid and are up to date).

You need to decide how much protection you want to give your cat or dog and decide on the level of pet insurance cover accordingly.


However young, sprightly and healthy your furry friend may be, it's always worth having continuous cover in place. You never know when your cat or dog will suddenly get into an accident or fall ill unexpectedly.

If seeing your pet suffer isn't stressful enough, a huge vet bill on top is enough to make the situation much worse.

With a lifetime plan from Purely Pets in place, we can cover treatment costs for the veterinary care your pet needs to get it back to its best in no time.

Just make sure you read your policy documents carefully so you know what's covered.

The cost of your pet's vaccinations aren't included on your insurance policy but they are an essential part of keeping your pet healthy.

If your cat or dog falls ill due to something that could have been prevented by a vaccine, your vet bills for treatment won't be covered by your policy.

Pet insurance doesn't usually cover veterinary treatment for pre-existing conditions. This includes any illnesses and injuries that developed or showed signs of developing before you took out your pet cover.

Comprehensive pet insurance covers vet fees for illness and injury. It doesn't cover your cat or dog for routine treatments, which include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Flea treatments
  • Grooming
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Microchipping

If your pet needs dental treatment as the result of an accident you will have cover from the first year of policy inception.

If dental treatment is needed because of a new illness or injury, it be covered from year 2 onwards. Routine dental care and pre-existing oral conditions aren't covered. 

Read your policy and cover limits carefully to understand the level of dental cover included in your plan.

For many pet owners, the idea of not having pet insurance is unthinkable. Should your pet become unwell, you risk having to make a heart-breaking choice: whether to pay for your pet's vet care and risk falling into debt, or not pay and watch them suffer unnecessarily.

There is also a risk that if your dog caused injury to someone else or their property, you may have to pay any third party liability legal costs.

Yes, at Purely Pets, we believe that every animal deserves the best protection, which is why we provide cover from 8 weeks old.

Your beloved pet is entitled to similar policy benefits whether they are 8 weeks or years old. However, things such as death from an illness has an age restriction. Just be aware that even the most comprehensive pet insurance doesn't cover your senior cat or dog for pre-existing conditions.

Yes, if you have a collection of four-legged family members and are looking to insure them all, we can arrange comprehensive cover on a multi-pet plan.

It may be possible for your pet insurance to be transferred to a new owner in certain circumstances. Please contact one of our insurance specialists on 0330 102 5748 for more information.

There are more pet owners in the UK than ever before. According to data from the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, 3.2 million households acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic. That means there are now 34 million pets in the UK – including 12 million cats, 12 million dogs, and 3.2 million small mammals (such as rabbits and hamsters).

And more pet owners mean more insurance policies. Data from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) reveals that the number of people purchasing pet insurance increased by 4.5% to 3.7 million in 2021. During the same period, insurance companies processed a record £872 million in insurance claims.

In fact, some owners want to protect their pet's health more than they want to protect their own. Research suggests people are three times more likely to take out pet insurance than critical illness cover.

We really are a nation of pet lovers

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