‘Rosie’ days for Purely Pets Insurance, with free video advice for all dog lovers

Purely Pets Insurance have teamed up with the brilliant Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Rosie Bescoby, to help you help your dog, in a brand new, free to watch video series.

In the Good Behaviour Series, Rosie teaches simple and practical methods to make sure your beloved dog is as happy as can be, taking you, step by step through a series of simple exercises to encourage the kindest teaching of best behaviour.

Beginning with a short sequence on teaching your dog to lie down, Rosie guides you through all aspects of dog behaviour from tips for walking your pet, to stopping them chewing through the sofa when you’re out.

“Teaching your dog to respond to basic cues is really useful for you and help keeps them under control in public. It helps keep them safe, and taught professionally, it really helps the relationship between you and your dog.”

All owners feel the pain of leaving their dog, and Rosie has simple ideas to help them beat the blues if you’re away.

There are five short videos explain different aspects of behaviour that can be easily improved.

  1. How to lie down
  2. Reading a dog’s body language
  3. Dog walking
  4. Anxiety in dogs
  5. Chewing

Rosie Bescoby is a certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist who owns and runs Pet Sense, which provides expert behavioural advice for dogs, cats, and rabbits. She’s appeared on BBC News, BBC Morning Live, and featured in articles with the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph.

Purely Pets Insurance is delighted to work with her to help you give your dog the very best in loving and tender teaching to make sure they’re as happy as possible.

The videos are available FREE now, just click here.

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