Dog health & behaviour

dog holding their lead in their mouth

Understanding the signs of heat stroke in dogs

15th August, 2023

As an attentive dog parent, it’s advised that you to be well-versed in the signs of heat stroke in dogs. Heatstroke in dogs is a potentially lethal condition that can occur in our beloved four-legged friends if they become too hot and are unable to reduce their body temperature....

dog sniffing mushrooms

Mushroom poisoning in dogs and how to prevent it

14th August, 2023

As a loving dog owner, you want to ensure your furry friend stays safe and healthy. Though some mushrooms may be harmless or even beneficial to humans, there are many toxic varieties that can pose a serious risk to your dog's health. ...

dog eating watermelon

Can dogs eat watermelon?

11th August, 2023

You can feed watermelon to your dog. This juicy, refreshing fruit can make for a fantastic treat for your furry friend, especially during the hot summer months when hydration is particularly important. Watermelon is not only safe for dogs but also provides several health benefits....

dog laying in the grass

What is the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion?

10th August, 2023

The summer season brings with it a plethora of activities to enjoy with your pets. However, as the temperature rises, so does the risk of heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke....

person rubbing dog's head

Battling discolouration: Your ultimate guide on how to treat hyperpigmentation in dogs

7th August, 2023

You've probably noticed some changes in your dog's skin and coat over time. Perhaps you've spotted darker skin pigment, uneven skin tone, or even hair loss. If so, your dog might be suffering from hyperpigmentation. In this ultimate guide, you'll learn how to treat hyperpigmentation in dogs and help your furry friend get back to their healthy, happy self....

boxer dog peering up

Unboxing the mystery: Why are Boxer dogs called Boxers

1st August, 2023

Are you a proud pet parent of a Boxer dog, or simply just a curious dog enthusiast? Have you ever wondered why Boxer dogs are called Boxers? ...

brown dog licking its paw

Why do dogs lick themselves so much?

28th July, 2023

As is the case with most dog owners, you have probably seen your furry friend lick themselves. You might have wondered why they do it so much. ...

white dog laying in the mud

What to do when your dog is overstimulated: Decoding overstimulation vs boredom

26th July, 2023

As a loving dog owner, you want nothing more than to ensure your furry companion is happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. However, there may be times when your dog seems overly excited, agitated, or just plain out of control. In these situations, it's important to understand whether your dog is experiencing overstimulation or boredom, and to know what to do when your dog is overstimulated. ...

pug laying on the floor with tongue sticking out

How long do Pugs live? Most assumptions are wrong!

25th July, 2023

Pugs are a popular breed of dog that have been around for centuries. They are known for their adorable wrinkled faces, curly tails, and affectionate personalities. Pugs have always been a favourite of pet lovers, and their popularity continues to rise....