What dog breed is good for me?

dog on a leash

Best dogs for anxiety and emotional support

24th February, 2022

Did you know that when we stroke or cuddle up with a dog, that physical closeness improves our mood, lowers our blood pressure, and keeps our stress and anxiety in check?...

fluffy golden dog sat on grass

What are the cheapest dog breeds to insure?

10th February, 2022

Something else to think about, of course, is dog insurance. Some breeds will, quite simply, be cheaper to insure than others. Here are the least expensive dog breeds to insure....

dog running

Top 17 bravest dogs in history

27th January, 2021

Throughout our long history together our two species have become dependent on each other for many things. While we have provided food and warmth, dogs have shown unquestionable loyalty, unconditional love and ever-lasting friendship. Here we honour their remarkable journeys and incredible feats of endurance, strength and derring-do....

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Best dog breeds to buy if you work all day

26th January, 2021

There’s nothing better than returning from a hard day at work, only to be greeted by your four-legged friend. That wagging tail. That unconditional love. There’s nothing better! That said, some dog breeds do much better than others when it comes to being left alone while you’re toiling away at the office all day....

A small dog running round a training course

18 dog breeds: Which are the most trainable?

6th July, 2020

Some dog breeds are easier to train than others. Which breeds will give you an easy ride, and which are for those who enjoy a challenge? Whatever breed you choose, make sure you take out quality pet insurance....

Study highlights common health problems in Chihuahuas

Study highlights common health problems in Chihuahuas

25th February, 2020

Chihuahuas are rising in popularity in the UK, with ownership increasing over five-fold in the past decade. But while they might be cute, the world’s smallest dog breed has unique behaviours and needs that prospective owners should consider in advance and the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) has warned against purchasing a Chihuahua puppy on impulse....

14 facts about Weimaraners

14 facts about Weimaraners

6th February, 2020

The history of the Weimaraner – aka the ‘grey ghost’ – stretches back to the early 19th century in Germany, when they were bred for hunting. Here are some fun facts about this fantastic breed – how many did you know already?...

10 things every Dalmatian owner should know

10 things every Dalmatian owner should know

13th January, 2020

There’s no doubt about it: the delightful Dalmatian is one of the most unique, eye-catching and beautiful dog breeds around....

Which dogs are the most clingy?

Which dogs are the most clingy?

13th January, 2020

In this article, we’ll identify the breeds that fall into this ‘clingy’ category – breeds otherwise known as ‘Velcro dogs’­– and investigate some of the potential problems that come with a particularly clingy pooch....