Owners encouraged to ‘take the lead’ and kick-start a healthy year for them and their pets

Owners encouraged to ‘take the lead’ and kick-start a healthy year for them and their pets

Purely Pets and Petwise, two of the leading UK pet insurance specialists, have joined forces to encourage owners to ‘take the lead’ and focus on their pets, and their own wellbeing this January. Throughout the month, both brands will be encouraging pet owners to kick-start the year focused on ways to lead a healthier lifestyle motivated by our four-legged furry friends.

Many people will have made New Year’s resolutions to start the year off in a positive way and to kick start the wellbeing campaign, Purely Pets and Petwise are supporting owners by providing fun ideas to ensure owners and their pets can stay motivated together:

  • Get on the move

Whether its committing to a walk each day, setting a step challenge, or increasing playtime with your pet, this is the perfect resolution to partner with your four-legged friend and get those extra steps in. January is National Walking Month, so here are some things to consider before heading out.

  • Make healthier choices

The festive period is a time where many of us overindulge and like humans, carrying extra weight can cause health issues for our furry friends. While a few pounds may not too be bad for your pooch, pet obesity is a serious problem. Incorporating a healthy diet will help ensure both owner and pet are fighting fit for the year ahead.

  • Be more mindful

With the many stresses people are facing as we head into the new year, supporting our mental health is more important than ever. Spending quality time with our pets offers many benefits and can help calm both pets and owners minds. Whether you choose to take part in a pet yoga class, meditation or simply relax in your home, pets can help bring out our inner peace.

  • Learn something new

Learning something new is always high on the list of resolutions, so why not brush up on some training or learn a new trick which will stimulate both owners and pets minds and encourage further bonding!

Ross Hallifax, Affinity Director at Purely Pets and Petwise, said: “A new year symbolises a fresh start with many of us looking to make resolutions to motivate us to make better choices. However, sticking to these resolutions can be much harder which is why we are encouraging owners to partner with their four-legged friends - as what can be more motivating than doing something that will positively support our pets!”

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